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1936 Special accelerator pedal

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I'm redoing more sins from the past on my 1936 Special and I'm trying now to determine how exactly the accelerator pedal was originally attached and if I can go back to that.

The car has been converted to a push button start but aside from missing the linkage to the vacuum switch everything in the engine bay looks to be original. However, the pedal itself has been modified by having a plate welded onto it and then screwed into the floor.

Upon inspecting the floor pan I see that there are capture nuts running vertical from the floor up so I have to imagine that the original pedal was somehow hinged or pivoted off whatever bolted into those capture nuts. I can find a lot of pedals on ebay that claim to be correct but they don't show the back of the pedal or they are pedals without the rest of the mounting.

In the attached pictures you can see the floor pan with the capture nuts running vertically along with the points of the sheet metal screws that were used to attach the current gas pedal. The other picture shows the modified pedal that I'd like to replace.

Can anybody post a picture of what the pedal attachment should look like or recommend a reputable and knowledgeable source where I might be able to buy the entire assembly?





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Thanks Greg.

I looked through the shop manual a lot but somehow missed that picture. I think that scan answers most of my questions. It really looks like there is a part like that bracket from the 1938 that was used on the 1936 as well. At least that is what I am imagining from that scan.

Some pedals that I have been looking at seem to have a spring on the pin that attaches the pedal to the floor but I suspect that the spring on the other side of the firewall would accomplish much the same thing.

If you get a chance and it isn't a hassle I'd love to see your pictures when you get back. In the meantime, I haven't had any real luck finding a supplier that could replace my pedal; they only seem to carry a slip cover to replace the rubber. I'll keep looking but I suspect if I want to go back to something more original I'll be breaking out the welder and iron works.

Thanks again.


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I have looked before and failed to find a source for new pedals for 36, only the slip covers for an existing metal core as you described. I do have another metal core that I could sketch and photograph for you. But Greg is a very good resource for 36 info also. Give me a couple of days to get my core out and do a sketch. A true size tracing would probably help you, I'll add that to the sketch.

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Here's the sketch / trace I promised of my pedal core (no rubber left on it). It does still have some rubber vulcanized into the area underneath where the link hooks up. I had trouble with my camera when I took photos tonight of my pedal installed in the car. But the photos should help understand how this looks.The sketch has a scalebar along the side so you can print and adjust the zoom scale of the printer if necessary to get the copy the right scale for a full size tracing of the pedal.

Also here is another page from the service manual near the page Greg posted. But look closely at these views and you can see the hinge that was bolted to the floor pan with stove bolts. My photos (when I re-take them and post them) will show this also.

Hope this helps. Sorry I don't have another spare core to give up.


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