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1936 Buick Series 40 Engine Valve Part Numbers


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Hello all.

I am currently having the cylinder head in my 1936 Special Coupe repaired and a valve job performed. I need to replace many of the valves and the machinist suggested that I replace them, especially the exhaust valves, with those made of stainless steel. The original valves were apparently made of a softer steel. The Master Parts List (for years 1928 to 1941) lists Buick part number 1266751 for the 1936 exhaust valve, however, I also have the parts list for years 1928 to 1951 which lists part number 1310508 for 1936. My question is: Does anyone know if the new part number reflects a change to stainless steel? A few of my valves were stainless (as determined by not being attracted to a magnet) due to previous valve work done back in the '60s. I'm thinking about just replacing the whole set of valves and, in pricing the them, I'm finding quite a variation in price. In calling some vendors, they weren't able to tell me what theirs are made of, so I'm wondering if any valves advertised as part number 1310508 would be made of stainless steel.

Thanks for any ensight.


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