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Prefered route for fuel line?

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No reason for an apology. I wasn't clear in my description. I think there is a brass union between your repair and the passenger frame rail. I think it was part of the remnants of my fuel line as well. I am sure there is a reason why the factory put it there. I will probably find out why when I try to do it in one piece!

Thanks again Neil.


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That brass union is in the same location as on my car and I believe it came from the factory like that. The line then continues on across the cross member and then emerges from behind the motor mount into the engine compartment. I wasn't sure how much of your original gas line remained so I thought I would describe the final leg. Perhaps it was to difficult to try and make the correct bend in the tubing during installation due to the fact that there is no room for a tubing bender in that area when working up against the frame. Also I would guess that the line was created before installation on the assembly line which did not lend itself to the additional hand work during assembly. Even if there was room for the tool, it may have taken to long to make this during assembly rather than just install 2 separate sections.


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