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ME & MY === 1958 Buick, 1958 Buick, 1958 Buick and……..


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Thanks Keith for the congrats.


Yes the circumstances getting the Cady are mixed blessings and are even deeper now.

We transferred everything yesterday before 4 pm, changed out the plates and then went for a cruise along the river. About 7 pm I get a call from the Power of Attorney saying she had something to tell me. Seems the wife was having much difficulty accepting the changes going on (residency, loosing her dog, the car etc.) and had become quite angry to the point of physically lashing out. The hospital nurses and doctor decided to give her a sedative to assist calming her down in the afternoon and sadly had to call the Power of Attorney around 6pm to say she had passed away! 

Cindy and I are so saddened about this lost for her husband who is dealing with dementia but also shocked with regard to the timing of this! 

I take heart knowing they had a full life travelling many places in their RV over the years but at 91 the last 5 years have been a struggle for them both and feel it was a sad way to end. Not to sound harsh but sometimes a quick ending can be a blessing for those around and loved ones.

RIP Betty. 

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To try and be a bit more up beat on the thread, I had to change the plates on the car and while I had the plate holder off cleaned it up from dust that accumulated under the clear plastic.

I took note of the Dealership and noticed/remembered they also sold Buick's in 2015. Have to check and see if that is still the case as it was sold last year to a conglomerate who is buying up existing car dealers. That frame just might be a local collector thing...




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Last Saturday was a good day!

The weather was dry and a decent temperature, got a load of screenings for the base to replace my walkway and we were asked to babysit our grandson for the day.


I didn't want to do a lot of moving the screenings by wheel barrow so very carefully backed the trailer between the gates with just enough room to squeeze by instead of walking all the way around the house.

Guess I should be thankful for loosing those 10 lbs two weeks ago sweating it off in the 98 degree heat. 😏




Took my time and quite satisfied the way it worked out. Will need to do some finessing of the old section to get it level again. 




I deliberately took several breaks to go inside and see how things were going.

It's not going to be long before he is walking and can only hope he will be outside there with me and the cars one day.




This is the first long time visit with us without his mom and dad and heard afterwards it was mom's first time away from him so was feeling anxious about it. Fortunately he has his Dad's temperament being not a problem at all.

Just like riding a bike after all this time for us. LOL

Eventually it was time to get him home and had to learn how to hook up the seat in the Cady. The previous owner never had any children so no grandchildren have every been in the car. There's a first for everything isn't there.




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Posted (edited)

On the job front, today was one of notable significance for me.

I have been trying to complete this work for almost two weeks and like others have posted in general proximity to my area, rain has been an issue.

 The work consisted of not only cleaning the 1st floor windows outside but cutting back the vines that have been left to overgrow the place / windows.

While not anything spectacular in that effort the significance is two things.


First: It is at Hiram Walkers & Sons old Executive Offices located in Walkerville, Ontario (Windsor) established in 1858.




The work started out fine the first day but as stated rain was persistent delaying progress. 


Second: I started in 1974 as a hired employee working for what eventually became my Window Cleaning Company and cleaned windows at this very building learning the correct way to set up and climb ladders, clip vines and clean windows efficiently that summer.

It was just a summer job but liked it so much I came back the next summer while in College.

To spare all the 47 year detail, let me say that this will be the very last work here as the building was sold from Walkers about 5 years ago to a Japanese interest and by September will be given to the City of Windsor to hopefully be a well taken care of asset for likely tourism interests. 

It is somewhat fitting that my service here will be the last for me (the City has their own contractor for that work that I'm sure I will not qualify for...) as I'm very seriously considering closing the doors soon. This pandemic has hit me hard business wise and the costs/regulation cost have almost doubled, making it hard to justify when the work has disappeared.


Everything comes to an end at some time but I took solace today when finishing up, in the fact I was the contractor of choice off and on for these many years.

While not about my cars please allow me to share with you some of my work environment.

The offices actually comprise of two building with this front entrance being the oldest of the two. It's my understanding that the design was of the famous Architect Albert Kahnn. 




This other side was built later for additional executives but on the second floor was an Executive Dinning Room that had many a Professional Chef preparing exotic meals for many customers and guests. 




My instructions this time were to only do the 1 st floor as they didn't want to spend the money for a lift to access the 2nd floor. Again the rains hampered the efforts for almost two weeks... You can imagine the mess when wet vines and the mosquitoes along with the humidity. (complaining??) 


Today I was on the riverfront of the building and the weather finally co-operated so had a good day. Those three big windows on the 2nd floor are where the Executive Dinning room is.




In this picture you can clearly see the original Office Build and the differing design to the later addition.




Walkers Office / Board Room was the three windows on the balcony plus the two widows on the right. Back when I started cleaning windows there was a door that opened out onto that balcony. Somehow after the building was sold off the owners managed to take out all the solid oak double hung windows and put in those thermo pane solid windows. This after it had been designated a building of Historic significance....


Sadly the grounds are only a fraction of their once show piece condition that was attended by a full time crew of 10-12 men & women.


I took many breaks as the temperature was about 85 F and reflected on the scenes I might not get to see for awhile.

How this building got sold/separated is a mystery as it sits between the grain elevators and the production facilities with as you can see limited waterfront access now. Beyond this gate under those concrete slabs is two huge augers that supply the grain to the Cereal Products Building where they are blended before sending over into cauldrons to be cooked and then on to the extraction process to make the various alcohol products. It makes a sound like sand going through a steel tube but not annoying at all.  

Obviously that is downtown Detroit across the Detroit River.


Looking north you can see Belle Island where the Grand Prix was held not long ago. You can also see the only Bridge that gives access to and from the Island. I've had the Special over there in the past with many thumbs up from the locals.




During my afternoon break I went inside which the manager had left open for me and captured a few offices for keepsake purposes.

The building was used by the owner for transient office personnel but has been vacant for some time and I was alone (short of the security cameras) to take these. 

The Main Entrance inside to the Offices.




The what you see wrought iron looking mesh is actually brass (or coated) and used to be highly polished in it's day. It now looks like it was painted gold with a coating of clear on it...



Imagine working from one of these 1 st floor offices at anytime.




Walkers used to have two men that actually refinished these desks and repaired/replaced the leather inlaid tops. What a lost art today.




And the 2nd floor offices, especially Hiram Walker's are beautiful but didn't press my luck with the possible security issues. Hopefully there will be a time in the future to visit the place after the City gets done deciding what they are going to do with it...


By 4:30 it was time to pack things up and shut the doors to leave the building secured.

Oh, you can see my wife's van with the ladder on it?




Yesterday my trusty Ford truck decided the starter had enough and left me stranded so had to conscript the van for the day. Fortunately there were not a lot of complaints as she really likes 'her' Cady.


Thanks for letting me post the experience and promise I'll get back to the cars soon.


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Posted (edited)

Back to cars...

Wednesday evenings are again a weekly cruise-in happening in full swing.

Ironically they are held across from Hiram Walkers Grain Towers so went for the second time this year. Sadly not with any of my antiques but hope to do that one day soon.

Caught up with some guys I haven't seen for a long time and a few cars that are new to the scene.







And of course my buddies Riv. Always an eye catcher.




I hear they are doing a Saturday gathering/cruise too so need to bring a car home!

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Posted (edited)

Last night (Monday) was the first official gathering at Brews & Ques since the start of the pandemic and my wife decided we would go and have something to eat.

Unfortunately my camera battery wasn't charged up so no pictures but needless to say it looked like everything is back to normal with well over 60 cars attending. 

No I didn't have the Special or the Nash home yet to drive but Cindy was quite happy to show off "her" Cady to some of the gang we haven't seen for a long time. 

She also doesn't shrink away from our friend (owns the gold Riv) when he says to her, "Hows my girlfriend?".


Once I get a bit more landscaping in place will likely bring the Nash home. I know she will bring a bit of interest since it's been out of the circuit for some time.



Picture was taken in Niagara Falls Ontario on Lundy's Lane attending the then Annual Blossom Tour around 1969. Dad flat towed the Overland all the way from Windsor and back so made sure he checked the wheel nuts on her frequently. We travelled as a group in those days taking back roads with many members diving their antique cars like the one you see behind that tree. For a young kid being around this experience it just seemed so natural. Today....

Different time, different place.



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The past week has been surprisingly busy on the work front which is a good thing but things are on hold on the home front due to things being on back order halting me from moving forward especially on the shed project which I need for the storage of equipment and parts that are tarped currently.

On the car front we managed to go to another weekly cruise-in that opened up officially on Monday nights. About 60 cars showed up and carrying on the same format in the past, felt good to catch up with some of the gang. Camera battery dies (might be time for a new one) so no pictures this time.

No we didn't have one of the antiques there but Cindy was quite happy to show off her Cady which the few that know me could not believe I'd buy such a newer vehicle. A few ribbed us saying they'd now have to address us as "Mr. & Mrs. Ives" in the future.

Kinda flattering in a way to think a car can still elevate one's status some not getting a swelled head or anything, just saying...


Attending this it got me to thinking about bringing the Nash home as there is a large event known as the Ouellette Ave Cruise that a local business man generously supplied the funds to have it this year August 13th. I took the initiative and registered the Nash (no cost) to ensure I have a spot on the waterfront and car attend from 1 PM till closing (when ever that is). It cruises the main downtown street to  major cross road then turns left to the riverfront till ending back at the reserved parking lot to listen a live band or two during the day. Have been there before with the Special in the past so called out to the place where the cars are stored and was told to come out when ever I would like. The building is somewhat empty now till obviously the Fall so access is no problem.

With a long weekend coming up might see if bringing her home will work out...


Meantime, a buddy of mine stopped by with his recent purchase on his way back home.

I need to get a ride when he has more time!!







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Like some of you around this continent, weather patterns here have been not normal. Between extreme heat, rain about every other day, we are now experiencing a few tornado's around home. 

Fortunately so far they have skipped us but are plenty close enough to take heed when our phones go off to take cover.




This cell went north of us by about 15 miles yesterday evening but we still got substantial wind.

Enough so that the plastic tarp cover where the Overland sits on the trailer got the rest of it's life finished. Admittedly the sun had weakened it in spots and the Overland was not damaged being covered properly but...




Much to the orders from Headquarters I unscrewed the remains tonight after supper and will buy another cover tomorrow which I hopefully can conscript one of my boys to lend a hand with the installation... 




It's always something or other (but could have been worse).

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While there is a corridor across the river in Michigan that gets them it's my feeling the lake effects have saved us most of the time thankfully! 

However, to my count there have been 5 official touch downs of various strengths close by so far this summer and the season is not over hence my statement of heeding any warnings.


My closest first hand experience to a possible tornado was 6 years ago. I was working on the Special in the garage at the other house not listening to the news when I heard a loud bang of thunder close by. I stepped out the open garage door to see pine tress two blocks down the road going horizontally! 

Later that night the news reported the radar reading "suspected" there had been a tornado. Gee ya think?!

That section showed tree tops twisted off (on the ones still standing) and many homes lost shingles along a line for three blocks. From what I read and see on video it sure would be a tornado small or not.

My point is that while we get severe thunderstorms, rarely are they tornadoes to answer your query.

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With Monday evenings being opened up at Brews & Cues we went to have supper then walk around to see the cars. Many new to me cars and trucks there but this Mercury really caught my eye.






I didn't catch the history of it but that black paint was perfect!


Also, typically for Doug, don't I have a severe case of poison ivy or sumac to deal with!

Trying all the remedies I can to at least get sleep during the night....

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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

The Merc looks nice.  I wonder how authentic it is?  A few clues say it is a different mill/trans and rear axle combo. 



I didn't meet the owner this night but hope to find out more the next time I see it.

I agree that there are a few things like the seats for instance that look nice but could have come from another car. Still, it catchers one's eye and it is a Merc that you don't see a lot of compared to the Ford model of that year.



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Talked to the man where both the Nash and Special are stored currently to make arrangements to drive the Nash home before the weekend. He notified me that he had a fellow quite interested in the Nash and they got it started a week ago but was only offering a lower price than I posted it for. Not insulted by it figuring most people always have to ask, I do always in a nice way, so it is what it is.

Meantime, I guess the Special has marked her spot while there and have to plan on cleaning up the floor before I leave. 99% sure I placed card board under her to soak up those drips/leaks but will know more when I go tomorrow. 

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Posted (edited)

Had the best day in the last 18 months today!!


1 st - Our young contractor started laying the tile on the floor in our basement bathroom which is going to make the wife happy. That old saying right, Happy wife, happy life...


2 nd -  I got a bit of lawn work completed before I went out to where the Nash & Special have been stored since March. I brought supplies to clean up the floor that the owner said the Special had marked her spot and was surprised to see some transmission fluid along with a bit of black oil on the floor after pushing her back about the end of the torque tube bolting to the differential. While cleaning it up with old rags and some thinners trying not to remove any concrete paint figure it might be the accumulated tranny fluid escaping before I replaced the transmission with the rebuilt unit and didn't pull the plug (if there even is one) on the back torque tube. When I bring her home later will jack it up and check for a plug or drill one in to let it drain out to not ruin the u-joint or pinion seal as I have read about.




I've know 85 year old Fred since I was 18 and speaks his mind so figured it wasn't all as bad as he stated on the phone but made him quite happy to see me on my hands and knees wiping up the floor which got his approval. 😆

With new cardboard under the engine & transmission (which is not leaking and a large sheet of bubble plastic under the torque tube and axle, things should be fine for awhile till she gets home later.


The Nash behaved herself with only a couple of oil drips and he had it running for a fellow last weekend that seems very interested in it but we are not quite there on price just yet.

Every car needs a bit of TLC and we have talked bout this (being honest on my part) but will see just how interested he is when I go tomorrow and tell him it's coming back home to attend to the brakes and put a For Sale sign on her. 

I really wish I didn't have to sell her but... no room at the Inn is my problem.

Come on Lottery numbers....




We shared lunch and talked about the good old days and the car guys that sadly have gone to greener pastures but laughed remembering the good times with old cars in general till it was time for me to go.


3 rd - I decided to go the long way home and stop into another long time car collector that again have known since I was a kid and heard he was "cleaning up" his country property.

Koni is a great guy and if he liked you would give you the shirt off his back. Everyone for miles around knows he liked old cars and often would just drive their old family car to his place and give it to him. Unfortunately he couldn't say no and most of them sat out in his fields around the buildings that are full of the "good cars" and as you can see, have deteriorated to the point of being sent to the scrap recyclers soon. 

Like this Buick Hardtop...




Or this early Corvair...



His five kids are not interested in many of the cars so at a spry 84 he has decided to start the cleanup to not leave it for them to deal with. I'm guessing there is over 200 vehicles including a few big trucks and two motor homes and?? I thought I saw a wood cabin cruiser back there... I would have loved to stay and scout around longer but he said there were no '58 Buick cars or Nash stuff and just then I get a call on my cell from a man interested in buying our 2009 Dodge Caravan I had listed. Said he was waiting for his wife to finish work at 6 and would like to come tonight and test drive it if that was OK.

Sure I said and bid my farewell as it was 20 miles to home yet.


So to cap the day, they came with their two young children, liked what they saw and took everyone for a drive to comeback to ask if they could pay cash and buy it right then as is? I dropped the price to compensate for the cost of the Safety and after signing a receipt and the ownership (known as a Title to my Us Friends) off they went freeing up a spot in the driveway for the Nash when it comes home.




As stated at the beginning of this post, it was the best day in a long time and I gave a gracious thanks at our late evening dinner. 😇 


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Thanks so much. It felt really good to finally post something positive for a change.

Now, if this pandemic will get under control and allow the border to open I would love to make a trip over and get that engine you have been storing for me all this time Joe! 

Who could have predicted this roller coaster ride we've all been on? 

Of course having a long over due lunch with both you and Jim would make that day feel like getting back to normal again too.

I very much look forward to that day... Hope you are all well.


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Bev and I are registered for the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village after Labour day, hope we are able to go.  Joe, I assume you are first in line to come to Canada Monday?


Regards, Gary

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7 hours ago, Buicknutty said:

 That '56 Century was a lovely car at one time. Perhaps it was even driven in there.



Truer words have not likely been said Keith.

I'll be sure and ask Koni next time I'm there as he knows the stories on every piece of equipment he has there.

Shoot, he at one time had a small ferris wheel, unfortunately visible from the road, that he actually got running and gave his kids and some of the children around his place rides till the County Officials came around... He thought he'd be OK being on private farm land not charging anything but he was forced to have it inspected and certified or dismantle the whole thing. It's been gone for a long time and don't know where it went but should ask.

What can I say, he's quite the individual, always fun to engage.

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An update on the Nash:


Friday I took some time away from work in the afternoon and asked my wife to drive me out to bring the Nash home. 

I reasoned I had some room now the van was gone...

Once there I checked the master cylinder and put in ever so little just to ensure it was full, tested the pedal and found it solid so bid Fred thanks for the storage and fired her up. As I pulled out he said to me he was going to miss seeing her there since he really likes it. I replied that this would be his last chance to own it if we could agree on a price.

He hesitated for just a second and said, "No, I've got too many now at my age".


Off we went, me in the lead taking the back two lane side roads but had to do a short stint on the main one till connecting to another series of side roads.


When we got home I asked just how fast I was driving as the speedometer cable is disconnected and my wife replied I was doing between 80 & 90 kms. That's approx 50 to 55 mph and she didn't feel like I was pushing her and the temp gauge was steady in the middle as I remembered it.




I could hardly finish supper fast enough to be back outside to spruce her up and take inventory in the trunk. 

Before too long the mosquitoes were out as I had lost track of time and had most of the car wiped down of the dust that didn't blow off.




Happy she was home I locked up and slept like a baby. 🤗



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With a full day of contract window cleaning I didn't figure would come back, had to hold off playing with the Nash till after supper again tonight.

I grabbed my metal polish and started around the back shinning up the tailing housings and cleaning up the stainless trim. Managed to clean/wax some of the paint and then turned my attention to the license plate.

Dad had bolted a 1951 plate to the bottom of the every day Historic Plate for people to stop asking what year it was but sadly it had been on there so long the white background was badly faded/rusting so I took it off and placed it in the trunk. 

Remembering I had a chrome licence bracket in the Caddy that wouldn't work on her I decided to put it on the Nash for a little extra bling.


Once the plate was off the bracket it was obvious Dad had never cleaned behind it and things needed some scrubbing. I figure he plated it as Historic about 1990 or so...

With the second plate hanging so low I really had to work on the bumper to get it cleaned up nicely.

Eventually I will take off the actual plate bracket, sand then paint it to lessen rust migrating down.

Fortunately the original enamel black paint came back like the top sides with the cleaner/wax I use.




Once again lost track of time and the mosquitoes had a little more taste of Doug but happy to get a little more accomplished before taking her out on Monday evening to Brews & Cues for her long over due debut. 


If the sticker on the plate is correct, the last time she was shown around here was 2010. I know a few that will be surprised to see her.



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On 8/7/2021 at 5:57 AM, dei said:

Thanks so much. It felt really good to finally post something positive for a change.

Now, if this pandemic will get under control and allow the border to open I would love to make a trip over and get that engine you have been storing for me all this time Joe! 

Who could have predicted this roller coaster ride we've all been on? 

Of course having a long over due lunch with both you and Jim would make that day feel like getting back to normal again too.

I very much look forward to that day... Hope you are all well.


We're looking forward to that day, too!

I hope we'll hear something positive about International travel into the US in the next couple of weeks.

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With a sudden downpour this afternoon it looked like the Monday night Cruise-in was going to be a wash out! Crazy amount of water literally stopping traffic for about 10 minutes...

Headed home after things let up, checked the radar and saw that this front was going to pass on by so told Cindy we were going to take a chance and see who turns up.

Naturally the cream puffs weren't there but 14 of us came out but it wasn't like it usually is.

None the less I had a small crowd around looking the Nash over answering questions and getting a few thumbs up.

It surely didn't hurt my ego.




Clouds were gathering to the south so several took off and we stayed saying that the car would not melt if it got wet again.


My buddy surprised me being there with his Riv braving the possible rain as he wanted to show off his new to him rims he just put on. I think with that deep black cherry paint they look great!




We stayed till the very last car left and drove over to our sons to say a quick hello as he had flew in from Arizona on a weeks work of testing the new Chrysler products there in the heat and altitudes. 



Friday looks to be a better day as the Downtown Business Association is sponsoring the Ouellette Cruise from 1 pm till 12 PM with entertainment so there will be a large crowd coming and going all day. Going to make up some signs with info and contact #'s and see what happens.


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Posted (edited)

I have to think about doing the front wheel cylinders as she pulls ever so slightly left under hard braking otherwise handles fine which as you say Lance should aide a sale.

I found a box of used wheel cylinders in the stash and a note saying that they cross referenced to a Chev pickup which I vaguely remembered. Any on line parts suppliers show wheel cylinders but they do not have the adjusting metal ends  instead of the rubber caps so will have to find a counter man who can do more than look on a computer...

My ad has reached 408 views and the few offers are waaay low with one guy sighting a rare parts supply...

Not going to give her away for the sake of no garage storage at home!  Another winter sitting out with the Roadmaster shouldn't do her any harm...

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Grabbed one of the old wheel cylinders from the box and shot a couple of pictures as after calling around only one store saw a cross reference with a Chevy tuck but only for the rears. 






Not sure if this is a front or rear but was told to bring in what I have and see if they can match up something.

I'd like to have them to at least say to a prospective buyer, "There you go, you can put them on yourself or have your mechanic do them". 

Simplifies any one that questions if parts are available.  

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Posted (edited)

It's been a busy few days "playing" with the car. Wish it was with the Special but for now enjoying having the Nash driveable and showing her off after the long hiatus.


Quick story, I needed to renew the license sticker so gathered the paperwork and when I got to the counter the girl asked if I wanted one year or the two year sticker? Told her just one as I had the car up for sale so one would be fine. I had to ask her what she had said regarding the cost because I thought I heard it wrong.

Dad had put Historic plates on it as far back as 1982 and I read that the cost was only 18/year. She said I owed her $7.50 till my birthday which she explained, because it had not been licensed since 2013 I only had to pay from now till my birthday. Surprise! Win, Win.


So this past Friday 13th was the City Cruise-In event and after washing up the half buried tires (due to the body design) my wife and I took off to the all day event meeting up with friends first to be able to go in and park together. Apparently there were 650 registered at no cost to control parking and the lot was opened at 1 pm till whenever everyone left for the night.

It was a perfect day, not too hot, no rain in sight and the Nash is performing better every time she is out.




We picked a good spot at the end of the row and set up the tent for some shade. Not our first time at car shows you know.




All afternoon we had people around the car asking what kind it was and a few seemed interested in talking about what I was asking for her. 


One fun conversation was with a group of young fellows obviously from Central America, they were quite intrigued with the car asking very politely if it was a Government Limousine? They found it fascinating that it was really just a working man's everyday car for it's time being too young to have an idea of the era it was built in here in North America. 


We had brought lunch with us and had extra to share (knowing the group - haha) so sat watching the cars come and go out to have a cruise Downtown with most coming back to socialise for a bit.

That made walking around to get a close view of different cars mandatory and keep the legs from getting stiffened up.

The event was open to all makes and years and it was good to see Jim had brought his '28 Velie he restored over 20 years ago now.




Naturally there were a few Buicks...




Like this Wildcat in beautiful condition. That was the owner sitting at the rear.





My friend has his Corvette almost completed and brought it in to show off the recent paint job. Told him I was at the New Car Show held at Cobo Hall in 1971 and sat in an identical coloured Vette like his falling in love with it immediately! Told me he might let me drive it when things were finished....




All in all a nice relaxing day and with the lot slowly clearing out, packed things up and decided to head on home dealing with the Downtown congested traffic and full sidewalk bars/cafes.

Boy, driving a clutch has it's fun moments...




The final capping on the day was getting a phone call from a man that had come to look at the Nash. Our conversation at the show was OK and he left saying he'd like to think about it more. Fine, no issues and then just before leaving he called to ask just how firm was I on the price?

I won't go into details but Not having sold many vehicles in my life kinda had a gut feeling this would have been a low buy offer, play with it a bit and then flip her so said I was going to be firm on the price. He still offered something but... I'm not going to give her away. She is just to unique today if someone wants something different than the usual F##$ or C@@@ stuff. (no offence meant there gang)


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That looked like a nice gathering of cars.  I have to say that I've never seen a dual-snorkel air cleaner like the one on the Wildcat before.  The one on my Riviera is just like it, but with a single snorkel (driver's side).  Anyone else seen the dual-snorkel version before?  I might have to find one for myself...  ;)

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Went to a weekly car show out on the east end last night with all the confidence in the world and just as I rounded onto the driveway doesn't the Nash give a cough, a puff of blue smoke and stall...

Was able to coast into the parking area and decided to head to the patio to wait for my friend for supper and deal with the Nash after things cooled down.

Dinner was a slow ordeal to say the least (not likely to order again) and we went out to attempt to figure what was the problem. With a small crowd of car guys looking on I suspected the float again and or dirt in the carb / jets as she just seemed to not be getting enough fuel.

Rather than stress the new battery any more called Hagerty Roadside Service who managed to get there in about 15 minutes to bring her home so I can go through things at my leisure.

Now is a good time to order plugs, carb kit, fuel filter, check wires and points carefully to see if I can get her running again over the weekend.


Been very lucky so far with the old girl but knew it might not last.



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On 8/19/2021 at 11:27 AM, 95Cardinal said:

Another project.

Like Larry always says: Drive it, break it, fix it, repeat.


I managed to get the first two of this quote down so far.....


Between the crazy heat (humidex over 100 degrees) and some issues with mom the Nash has been left sitting in the driveway till this weekend. Not particularly fun working on a black car under the hood with a tired back.


Disappointedly I've diagnosed the problem to a likely blown head gasket which somewhat explains the puff of white smoke coming out the exhaust just before I pulled into the weekly cruise that evening. Of course it could be even worse with maybe a cracked head but only removal will tell on that. 

It's disappointing to be here as she was running so nicely till then. Trying to decide once again how to proceed as with no garage to work in and time right now being sparse the only other option is to take her out to storage (again) till things are more organised around here at home. It will definitely come off the market as no one is interested in a non running car...

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