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That's some food for thought John.



I was up at 6 this morning to the sound of a truck backing up so through some shoes on and found the cement truck getting into position to pour the pad. A crew of four and myproject foreman were ready and digging into the work.

By 8 am it is all in and the finishing touches are in play. 


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Now you need a basketball hoop!  ;)

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With the fencing up it sure doesn't look quite as big but at the height the boards are there is going to be lot's of privacy!



Was told to wet the pad down for a few days which is no problem and gives me a moment to ponder a future build...


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Sneaked out Wednesday evening to another weekly Cruise-in as it was a nice night.

Met up with one of my friends whose Lincoln I'd love to have (not to replace the Buicks of course 😉)



Was talked into going for sushi (which I'm not a fan). Crazy, crazy money for rice, raw fish & vegetables in my opinion... Could have put a tank of gas in the Special!


Wandered around a bit and admired the Pontiac next to me.



This Cadillac showed up and looks to be in original condition.



With a California sticker on the windshield and thinning paint on the hood and one fender but no rust showing it could very well be an original western car.



Had an unexpected job cancellation for this weekend so now have a choice to attend a somewhat local car show (where we go out for ice cream occasionally) or St John's at the Inn or I could stay home and clean up around the back yard and dream of a garage addition.

Decisions, decisions...

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So... the decision was to go to the annual Car Show out in Amherstburg today.



We took our time getting up and arrived at 10 to find we were having to park four blocks away from the shady preferred Park and Registration Pavilion but afforded the opportunity to see cars going there and catching the other side of the road on the way back. Our registration # was 485 and heard it reached 575 later.



This street is the oldest part of Town only one block from the Detroit River with Historic Fort Malden five blocks to the right of this shot.



The "Gordon House" was a residence built in 1798.

It was moved to this present location and restored to make room for those ugly million dollar condominiums that look out on the river from the other side...



It was interesting sitting in the early morning shade across the street watching the public response to the Special.



The car show was filled with as they say, everything from soup to nuts (car owners included 😵) but in the commercial section of those condo's this caught my eye.



It intrigued me so inquired inside to get details.



These are new production units with some interesting qualities but when told a base unit started at 28,000 US, started to look at it a bit differently with our current exchanged rate of 35%. 


Even this unit lacks a bathroom or porta potty, water holding tank, heater so not quite what I'd spend to tow behind the Special. It does have electric brakes but still weighs in at 1,350 dry weight. Mama needs a few more things than just a place to sleep.


This car show had a lot of the usual local cars I've seen this summer but there were a large group of brand new Corvettes taking up space (to me...) but guess new cars are at some point old cars right? And so it goes with today's car shows.


Headed for home after 3 as the skies look somewhat threatening and the 89 degree heat had us both just about done in but a nice day otherwise.

Pulled the car into the garage after dropping of my wife and while disconnecting the battery looked down at the rad to find this.



Poor thing, never saw anything flying in front of me but will take care of it tomorrow.


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Looks like a great show in A'burg!

Funny to see all these pics of my hometown...I grew up in Amherstburg.


Though some would argue that I failed to grow up altogether...

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2 hours ago, 95Cardinal said:

Looks like a great show in A'burg!

Funny to see all these pics of my hometown...I grew up in Amherstburg.


Though some would argue that I failed to grow up altogether...


It is a good show Joe and knowing you grew up there, sure you can imagine the Park by the High School and Dalhousie St. filled with cars and trucks almost to the Beer Store with live entertainment on the patio at the Legion.

It sure isn't the quality show you took the Caballero to at St. John's but a fun day in a quaint small Town on the water!




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Since I used the car trailer back in the end of May to take the Limited to the scrap recycler it has been parked in the driveway waiting to put the Whippet back on so I could park things inside again.

Since the battery is totally dead I used the manual winch which I've done before but was drenched to the bone when done as it was 89 degrees again. With it parked out of the way I can now get a load of screenings to get at that patio I'm going to put in behind her.



I really should get her going again as it was one of Dad's thrills and pride to show off how the car turned out.


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dei wrote: "I really should get her going again as it was one of Dad's thrills and pride to show off how the car turned out."


Yep, put it on your list. Whippets are cool!

And you know it will be a special moment when you drive it for the first time.


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On 7/30/2019 at 3:20 PM, 95Cardinal said:

Yep, put it on your list. Whippets are cool!


You know what they say right?




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A bit of work has been slowing me down from getting the Special out lately.

The paver stone project that was supposed to be just a 20x20 patio grew into a major job as previously posted but have made some progress plugging away here and there.

The Cougar now sits on the area where the truck driver originally dumped a full load (6,500 bricks).



Have some finish edging to do and it looks what I will call rustic but it fits with the general look of the house since it was originally built in 1908.


I then was able to get to the other side where the patio was to be put it.

I needed to purchase some screenings as the ground slopes from the driveway so cleaned out my trailer and went down the the river where they loaded 1,700 lbs. 



Taking a slow round about way home this went well and saved a 40 dollar delivery charge.


I soon learned that more than one trip was going to be required as the is about 7 inches drop off even to get a gentle slope on the patio. I also wanted to plumb the evestrough downspout under the stones to prevent a water and ice issue.



I'm doing this after a full work day so fortunately not under a time line but...

Headed back for a second load and was shocked when I weighed out that I had 2,880 lbs this time!

Again taking the slow route that went well with no incidents.

Having loaded up the Whippet on the car trailer and backed inside I was able to park next to the area to unload.



Funny having left the shovels and tools in the trailer over night having unloaded about half that my son didn't get to unloading the rest for me...

Kids, they have the best of intentions.



This is not a tutorial about how to do a paver patio (it should be about my Buick's right) but set up a grid to get things more level than the job on the other side.



Having emptied the trailer realised a third trip is needed to grade the area completely...

That will be next week as there was work to do at home next.


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Yesterday afternoon tried to do some needed painting out back of the garage.

The wood window needed to be sanded and painted as it was ordered from headquarters that it looked awful now that there is access to go back and see it...



Painting, not my forte. I did put a tarp down on the new concrete to not hear back from headquarters (it was a good thing!). 

I then went to do the roof of the shed but man does that pad throw heat back being in the full afternoon/evening sun! 



This job will have to be an early morning start for sure!


Now, having accomplished some things it will be time to play as Friday is a big annual swap meet a group of us attend and Saturday will be a ride to Wallaceburg, Ontario for their annual Car and Classic Boat Show. (Wambo) which the Special has not been to for some 14 years. 

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Had an unexpected afternoon off today and with going to a swap meet tomorrow with the guys, decided to buy the sticker for the Cougar to clean her up and park it in the For Sale section and see...

The do-it-yourself wash place was really quiet so took my time to rub and rinse before pulling out to wipe her down.



Not sure if I'll get any bites with my price @ $3,500.00 with a Safety Check but with only 73,000 kms and an incredible original paint and interior there should be someone out there, even if they want just a daily driver.


If it should go it will free up some space and have that money to put into the Limited but... I'm going to miss this car as I like the way it handles, performs and looks.

I just don't drive it enough to justify keeping it otherwise...

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Posted (edited)

Up early to meet up with another car and then on to pick up a friend who's wife is at the end of a long radiation treatment and insisted he get out of the house and enjoy a day for himself.


Naturally our meeting place is at the coffee shop for the 40 minute drive to the swap meet.



The Cougar performed great averaging 115 kms per hour that 45 minutes averaging (according to the on board computer) 11L per 100 kms.

Arrived about 8:30 and found a spot under the trees.



the parts area has no shade and as the day wore on the shade at the Cougar was veery welcomed.

Next too us was this 53 Buick and had quite a story (like most modified cars do).



It is a combination of a Buick Convertible with a stock Cadillac seats and a stock 66 Buick Electra drive train on the chassis. The owner says it works great so... His Car right?


The small truck / trailer combo behind us was a nice looking rig and being used just not for show.



Found a few deals but nothing 58  Buick specific other than a two page Super ad cut from one of the old big magazines that used to be published.


The day is as much about the hunt and the fellowship than expecting the BIG prize so having said that, it was a great day!


Tomorrow the Special is up at bat with an hour and a half drive to WAMBO.

Pictures later.

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Posted (edited)

Drove the Cougar back to switch it for the Special and get her ready for an early morning drive to Wallaceburg, Ontario for the annual Car and Boat Show.



With both cars back to back it was easy to load and unload the gear we needed in the Special.


While taking my "deals" out of the Cougar I pulled out the vinyl I bought on a hunch it would be a good match and long enough to do the dash top on the Special this winter when I remove it to have the speedometer rebuilt and change a few bulbs while it is open.

I placed it on the Cougar and measured things and got lucky! :)

The colour and grain is a really good match so good to go with that when the season is over.



After closing things up, drove the Special home and gave her a quick wash in the driveway before backing into my wife's spot for the night.


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With coffees on board we were on our way in the 63 degree temps by 7 am.

The top was down but Cindy was prepared with hood of her spring jacket up.



With very light traffic we made good time and arrived at 8:45 to find the same parking spot we had last year with the Cougar.



There is a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, hash browns, rolls , coffee and juice for 8 bucks which we took advantage of but, being a small rural town, doesn't the wind change direction and the smell of fresh manure grabbed us all!! 😣

With breakfast over we headed to the registration desk and looked at a few cars already parked while on the way.





On the way back to put the registration card in the window I hear someone yellow STOP!

I looked to see this very elderly gentleman getting out of what I imagined was his 64 Chev Impala and looking at the passenger side of the car.

Since the streets are narrow, he cut the wheel to the right planning to turn sharp left before backing beside a beautifully restored Triumph and caught the back half of the passenger door, the quarter before the wheel and after before hearing the man shout STOP with the front left fender and bumperette of the Triumph....

His front left fender suffered a crease and the bumperette had scratches but was not bent.

Hard to see with this shot but a shame for both cars to be damaged.



Did not want to stick around to see the two sort things out. 


Since it was still early and it is a boat show with wood classic boats it was time for a walk.

The first one we came to was this one.



Sign says it is one of two left.

Boating is just like collecting and preserving cars in that they have data for each manufacturer and know what ones are rare. 

AND... the work to maintain, let alone restore the finishes to this quality, is an art not unlike doing cars. 





One more that Cindy really liked and thought would be a fun ride.



There wasn't as many boats this year for some reason but there also was not as many cars either but the wood boats that were there were just stunning.


Went back to the Special and sat to rest some and watch people looking at her. 

It's interesting to watch them noticing the holes in the fender, the condition of the seat material and then reading the registration card. I have been making a habit of writing on them this year, "Owned Since High School".

After they notice that some will go back over it again and seem to get why it look like it does.

Some come over and say I did pretty good keeping it that long and as good as it is, others.... ask, "When are you going to restore it?" 

I try to be patient with those that ask that and say, "I'm having too much fun the way she is" and that usually brings a smile to their faces.



Coming back after lunch look what parked beside me.



This 1965 Buick LeSabre was at the show last year and the paint was dull with a ripe top but there anyway. My kinda car guy!

It wears new paint and the top looks new also. The interior vinyl is not factory but so what, it got here and would guess he is having fun too...


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Posted (edited)

By 3 pm some were leaving and after checking our registration number for a chance for a door prize (no luck there) we packed up and headed out.



I like to stop in a place called Mitchells Bay as it is sort of on our way home. We did so last year and was curious to see how the high water levels are affecting them.


WOW! things are not good as expected but today was with fairly light winds. If a strong storm comes up, as they usually do, it's going to get messed up but good.



Moving on I decided to not bypass Chatham and stop to top up the tank. It only took 38 dollars and asked if we could go on down to my old stopping grounds in Leamington and see if we could stop for supper?

This was a new place for us and looked good to try.



With a small steak, lobster tail, half a cob of corn and fries for 20 bucks we left feeling quite satisfied and will be back!


Once again we took the old lake road and stopped for a quick shot.

The road is not much higher than the lake here right now and again, a severe storm will be doing some damage when one comes up.



The traffic was light along the lake road and with speeds posted at 30 miles an hour had a leisurely trip home by 8:30 and still light out.

It was a long day but a good day!

Might have made new friends of the owners with that 41 Chev Deluxe.


Ended the day with the odometer showing this,





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Posted (edited)

Didn't get enough Buick experience last weekend so went to the Monday night Cruise-in and had the wings. MM Good!

While eating doesn't a fellow come to the table and ask if I was Doug? Introduced himself and it was a fellow I went to High School with! 

He moved to the States a long time ago and was home to see his mother and heard about the cruise-in. I put my dash card out saying "Owned since High School" with my name on it and dang if he didn't remember the car so had asked around where I was and came over. Great visit / conversation and promise to keep in touch.


When the show ended (no luck on door prises ... hahaha) Cindy suggested going for ice cream but with skies looking a bit threatening stayed in town and went for soft ice cream close to home.



Sat around the corner to eat due to the wind that was rising and two girls sat next to us saying they loved the Special. Thanks!

Then one started to talk about her car which is the blue 2019 Nissan in the background.

Said it was a desire of hers to have and obviously working full time, bit the bullet and signed a loan. 

What I found interesting is that she said it was a fantastic "Drift Car" and her tires are almost bald with a big smile on her face!! 


The times they are a changin' !


It used to be the guys that talked like that and the girls were impressed listening to the (foolishness) they did but now the tides have turned....

Have to say I was somewhat impressed (if not surprised) with this.


Have I gotten that old??? hahaha

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Posted (edited)

We started the weekend early as Friday was Windsor's answer to the Woodward Dream Cruise by holding what promises to be the annual Cruise the River event down on the water front in front of Caesars Casino.

Finishing work at 12:30 and a start time of 1 pm till 11 pm, I grabbed the Special, loaded chairs and snacks to join my friends and watch the cars roll in and out.



We set up my tent between my friends cars as the sun was a bit warm even though there was a nice breeze.



It was a perfect spot and kept the girls happy.

I liked that Denise's hair went well with Deryl's Riviera.



The event was free to all cars / trucks with the official cruise the river time to kick off at 6 which left lots of time to walk the parking lot and view many makes and models.

This Velie is owned by Jim & Mary of Windsor.

Jim found it out in western Canada, took it all apart as the wood while there needed replacing and has driven it all over!

It is the only one in our part of the country and draws quite a crowd.



Eventually this beautifully restored Wildcat came in parking beside the Special.

It ran just like a nailhead should!



After sharing a pizza with the group we had delivered, it was time to cruise.

One of the interesting things was this stop at the Firestone lot where the Dari Delite Ice Cream place we went to last week had a trailer and was offering free ice cream and pop to anyone stopping.

They said it was their way of giving back to the community for having supported them all these years. Nice!



Staying to eat the soft ice cream lot's of cars took advantage and reminded me of American Graffiti when this '32 pulled in beside us.

Half expected Harrison Ford to step out...


We didn't do the full route through Windsor and headed back to enjoy the second live band performing. They were a Beatles tribute band of local talent and did a fair job entertaining us.



People and cars came all evening but at about 10:30 it was time to head home. 

Beautiful day with low humidity and no rain! 

If we didn't have to make an appearance at a funeral viewing today it would be our plan to take in part of the Woodward Cruise on our way to Back to the Bricks in Flint...

There is always next year (I hope).


The trip odometer now reads this.


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Monday night is the weekly Cruise-in at Brews & Cues so with skies clearing up (threatened to rain all afternoon) off we went.

To get an up front parking spot you have to be there before 5pm so we ened in close to the last spot.

However, we were in good GM country.



That Cadillac sure puts the Special in perspective size wise!


This weekly event draws a full to capacity crowd, the food is good, there is lot's of door prises and the 50/50 is getting over 200 dollars and growing.

My tickets are getting closer each time but no luck so far...


This beautifully restored T Bird showed up after us with a lady driving it.

Being the rag top model (and red - haha) appeals to me. 



After having had a good supper and with the 50/50 draw over it was such a nice evening that a ride was in order.

Headed back out to Amhurstburg for what is becoming a habit (excuse?) for an ice cream cone.



I find it amazing the paint photos so well in the evening light.

Out in the full direct sunlight is looks a bit washed/faded out.


This Ice Cream shop is amazing! it has so many flavours. MMM


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Posted (edited)

My posting was interrupted with another funeral call so will continue now.


Amherstburg is one of Canada's frontier Towns being at the mouth of the Detroit River and they have done a great job of providing a Waterfront Park right across from that Ice Cream Shop above.

I'm told the cannon's were cast at the Windsor / Walkerville Ford Foundry some years ago. They are placed throughout the park. 



This building was the payroll office for the Soldiers at nearby Fort Malden back in the day.



One of the displays I believe depicting the period of 1812 when Canada and the US established the Borders.



I tried to capture the sunset with this shot but missed it...

The land to the left is Boblo Island which used to be an Amusement Park for 100 years. It helped keep Amherstburg alive employing many kids for the busy summers with Ferry service from here and also from the two steam powered Boblo Boats docked at down town Detroit.

The Island is on the Canadian side of the border and you are looking at the Upbound Shipping Channel and the other side of the Island is obviously the Downbound Shipping Channel.

Detroit is miles up river to the right of this shot.

Those two Boblo Boats were the only ones legally allowed for their size of ship to come down this upbound Channel as the dock for the Island was on this side.  



That dock was about half way down in this shot about where that tall spire is. That is one of the few remnants left from the Amusement Park.

It had a circular room which rose up and down rotating around for you to see the Island from that height. It has not been in service since the Park closed.



The park closed many years ago, sat vacant for some years till a developer bought the whole Island for a song!

Today it has large expensive homes and that condo building you see with a Marina on the other side which has a small restaurant. Access is by car ferries you see just pulling out in the distance on the left.


It was a perfect summer evening and one we will look back on fondly when winter sets in.



Another developer refurbished one of the old building making the upper units Condo's with retail space on the 1st floor.



Having sufficiently walked off our ice cream doing the north half of the Park it was time to head home before dark set in.



Next Ice cream run we will have to stroll the other half of the Park since it is the newest section.

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Posted (edited)

While enjoying the Cougar a bit this year it has been bothering me that the car isn't being driven enough. I had tried with only a For Sale sign on her last year with little interest but didn't push the issue.

By chance, when coming home after the swap meet in Bothwell, doesn't a fellow I know walk over from the house next door he is working on and starts talking about liking the car. Says he would like his wife to see it after having said I was going to sell. We shared phone numbers and sure enough next day we meet and they take it for a ride.

After pointing out various issues they agree it is what they want and on a hand shake it will be sold.

The deal is I will get the mandatory Safety Check done and fix the power windows (part of the Safety) and meet at the Ministry Office to finalise the sale.

I also told them I would clean her up as with sitting beside the garage those pesky maple keys leave mess on white paint.

Fortunately it comes off with a good wash and scrub and even had time to put a good coat of wax on.



I really like this car and with only 74,000 kms on it know it has lot's of life left in it but as some have said, you can't save them all...

The air blows cold, power options all work and the interior is like new.





It has been fun being care taker of my deceased friend's new car but have to scale things down a bit and hope someone else will appreciate it for what it is. 


After all, being a 1989 it is an antique car right?

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I really like those Cougars.  A friend had one just like this when we were young and another had an 87 T-bird.  Great cars!

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