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2 hours ago, EmTee said:


As they say, "happy wife, happy life!"  ;)


Yup! Have been reminded of that a few times but totally agree and will be working on it!

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Got the Special early this morning to drive back home and get the wife as we're going with friends to an all day Car Show in the City.



The sun started coming up as I pulled in the driveway beside my Cougar to load up chairs, snacks and a cooler. I picked it up yesterday as the work on it was finally completed. Realised it is the first time these two have been beside each other.



Stopped by one of my friends to meet everyone and to roll into the show together. It was only 62 degrees out and windy so jackets and windows up with the heater on were the order of the day...



Picked what turned out to be a fine spot so set up chairs in front of the pizza place which had windows that opened up totally across the front which when opened we felt the heat from the pizza oven. The girls were happy therefore so were the guys.



This is usually a busy east west four lane road but today they had about 12 blocks closed off for the areas BIA.  Since I was # 10 on the registration list we were able to watch the cars coming in behind us from this view.



Lot's to see and this mocked up Desoto Paddy Wagon with period correct drive train was fun for the kids (of all ages). The owner was letting the kids sit in the drivers seat which was nice but if it were me, I would have disconnected the battery as they were turning switches and knobs and such...



Still, it was an interesting display.



Here are a few other cars:


This is a Canadian built Pontiac, Model: Parisienne



Another Canadian built Ford, Frontenac



Another Pontiac decked out as a Police Car.



And yet another Chevy Police Car.



All too soon it was the end of the show and while only warming up to 68, that wind kept coming in from the northwest so headed home to unload the chairs and stuff in the trunk then head her back to the garage for the night. Tomorrow will be another car outing but this time in the Cougar.




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Only 56 degrees at 7 am so had a hot breakfast, bundled up and went out to do some lawns before heading over to 1957buickJim's in the afternoon.

This was my chance to drive the Cougar as it would mean putting her on I-75 and stretch her legs a bit.

Jim had offered some clips I need for my lower rear quarter moulding that came off as I was having a difficult time locating some around home.

Wish my wife liked this car as it was great to scoot along with traffic in the fast lane!

With having the digital dash I was able to switch it over to miles per hr and it now reads 45,478 miles on the odometer. It had 41,893 miles on it when I got it back in 2007.


Spent some time with Jim looking over his wagon in progress and then 95Cardinal drove up.

Chatted more about the Jim's wagon further and then Joe asked if I had time to go over and see his Caballero? Yes Sir! So all three of us went. 


If you recall I did the same trip to Joe's from Jim's with the Special in the Spring and that time she stalled on the way from a plugged fuel filter but after a boost from Joe's truck, made it there and eventually home.

THIS TIME no stopping with the Cougar! :lol:


Joe's Caballero is coming along and even at this point looks SPECTACULAR! 

The effort and quality of work has me in awe and getting a real understanding what I'd be facing if and when I ever went for a complete restoration...


The clips Jim gave me were perfect for my moulding and can't say Thank You enough JIM!




You be sure and call me when you need a hand with your wagon OK!

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With the effects of the current Hurricane making things drizzle and light rain outside work was on hold headed over to the Special to attach the rear quarter moulding thanks to obtaining the correct trim clips from Jim.  

After backing the car around to have access in my tight parking space, I had to remove what was left of the existing clips.



I had brush painted over them to hide the obvious pink original factory colour of the car wanting to attend last weekends car show but they had to go before re attaching the new clips.

Surprisingly trying to unscrew then, once the flat metal broke off the centre bolt, the hole in the metal panel is bigger than the head of the bolt and they all just pushed through.


Before removing them I decided to clear coat the clips to reduce any future rusting of them.



Clear coat dries rather quickly so after spraying both side made a template and marked where the clips would sit in the trim piece and then set them in place.



Put the moulding in place and attached the speed nuts lightly to align the moulding.


Took this picture of the inside of the panel showing the original factory rust coating against the new trim clips.



With a bit of adjustment and happy with the look tightened the speed nuts and believe I'm ready to roll.



THANKS again Jim! :)

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Made a road trip today in the Cougar after a fuel up of high test. Managed a round trip of 225 miles and her computer said I averaged 25.2 miles per gallon driving an average 68 miles per hour. Didn't use a lick of oil and missed a serious transport crash taking another parallel route on the way home. 



I wasn't in this mess at all "fortunately", just capture it from the news postings.

Three transport trucks were involved near or at a construction zone and no one was killed but two were injured.

Posted speed is 60 mph which is reduced through construction zones but the lead truck was stopped or near stopped according to the news report and a chain reaction ensued...


I hate to say driving the speed limit creates traffic problems (too slow for most) so one tries to keep to with the flow of traffic but... the higher speeds are bad when coming upon stopped or reduced speed traffic too! 

Must be getting old when looking for back roads to drive instead of at this crazy pace... 


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Took a short trip with the Special to a transmission shop this morning.

This shop did the transmission on Tony's Special as the torque ball seal was leaking and his parking paul (sp?) was not engaging. I figured Gil was familiar with the process of transmission removal so asked if he would be willing to swap mine out for the rebuilt one I have.

No problem was his reply and to let him know when i'd like it done. Said it would take two days to swap and ensure it was working properly.

Of course it's always about money but I just don't have the space and tools so biting the bullet and going to set it up after October. 

Since my parking paul hasn't worked for years and now she is slipping in D till the trany warms up, now is the time to get things fixed up... 

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Received a text just before supper from a customer advising I had left a piece of equipment at her house Thursday. Since it was not anything big decided to grab the Special and go for a ride with my wife to retrieve it.  



Stopped to top up the tank and found the gas gauge was only reading between 3/4 and full for some reason...

It was a nice night here (compared to the east coast ...) and since it was a ways out continued along the Detroit River back to Downtown Windsor.


Boy have things changed. Friday nights at 9 pm are DEAD compared to my days with the Special. 

It was the thing to do on Friday evenings after school to cruise downtown (just to be seen I guess) and catch up at various parking lots to shoot the breeze and such... 

Some nights there was the usual guys bragging about what their latest upgrades to their cars were and a challenge for pink slips sometimes ensued whereupon anyone in the know would head out to the highway to witness the challenge, cheering on their favourite car (or in the case of the girls, their favourite guy... never was one of those with my dynaflow on either issue - sigh).

Witnessed two of those challenges at the spot known as 3B which had two overpasses which were exactly 1/4 mile apart.

A designated person would go to the one crossing over the highway coming into the city checking for traffic and police while the cars set up at the other one. Once the designated person flashed his lights the starter would flag the start of the race.

Yes this did happen and not just in the movies. Fortunately no one flipped a car or personally got hurt but heard various stories about engines and drive trains that broke down requiring a tow on a rope back to the shop. 

Guess at my age now the weekly night cruise-ins are the remembrance of those days... 


The things that go through my mind while behind the wheel of my old car...


So headed home to drop off my wife before heading back to the garage.





Have to check the mileage for this trip down memory lane.

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Went to the Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show Sunday.

Since the Buick isn't an orphan car (just yet) left her parked and we went in one of my friends two Monarchs.



The white one was his fathers that was purchased new.

Love his garage! There are 6 more cars behind these two!!

He invited another friend and wife to drive the other car and they brought two of their grandkids so man was there a lot to pack up. Thank heavens for those big trunks!




Crossing the Border is always fun in an old car. Most times the Agent is more interested in the car and what it is than checking for anything else. This time was no different and we proceeded with no issues. 


The Park where the show is held has plenty of room and this time we had a perfect assigned spot as they do a pass and review and had to go by us on the way back to their assigned spots.



Joe received an award this time at his turn going through the pass and review which obviously pleased him to no ends.


The weather was hot in the sun but with our tent and shade from that tree relief was close at hand.

All too soon the show came to an end and we headed home but hung around to avoid the rush.



There is nothing quite like cruising in the back seat of these boats at 65 miles per hour and returning the many thumbs up!

Yes that's my wife in the front seat. Had she sat in the back, with those bias ply tires he runs, her motion sickness would surely have kicked in!



It's only 30 minute drive to the Border and once again no issues crossing.



Not a BUICK DAY but a FUN old car one. 

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Had another non Buick moment today.


At least this car is in the family.

A little history....

My Dad bought this 66 Corvair many years ago and did an amature body and paint by himself but had the engine and automatic transmission rebuilt right after finishing his paint job. He had many years of enjoyment with it. 


One of the things on his bucket list was to have a better paint job some day so with my son having painted one of his cars, which turned out not too bad, he asked him to take on the Corvair.

Of course he was there helping what he could as he was diagnosed with bladder cancer about that time.



His plan was to gift this car to my sister and he lived to see the car finished and managed a ride or two with my son as he had given up his drivers license a few years before this due to his failing eyesight.


That was almost five years ago and bringing things up to today, the car is indeed my sisters but with no place to park it at her home in Tenn, it resides at moms where it was repainted.

With concentrating on the Special I have not been too attentive to her so last week decided to see if it would fire up. Naturally the battery (even though disconnected) was dead so grabbed one of his old trickle chargers and left it till today.  

Took quite a bit of cranking but the battery seemed to be holding her charge for the size it is.



Finally she took off and with nary any noise from the lifters, once warmed up, the chokes came off and idled like the day we parked her!



I've emailed my sister and with her permission toying with taking her our to a Cruise Night to burn some of that old gas. Man it stinks! A little fresh Hi-test can't hurt...


So that is the Special, the Cougar and now the Corvair all running again. 

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After work today went over to the Special garage and reorganised (can't say it was cleaned up as nothing was thrown out...) and came upon this box. 



I remember purchasing this at the National in South Bend but shelved due to it being unique.

Not sure the box is for these as they are 15" caps but they are definitely aftermarket as they are totally stamped versus the plastic emblems in the center.



These two are nice chromed steel but the other three are aluminium I think.



If you notice, the top two have a different crest than the bottom three which are missing the + and crown of the bottom three, plus they are dull comparatively.


I brought out my trusty metal polish and a clean rag to see what results it would bring and figure with an evening or two could polish those three up to driver quality...



The first two appear to be chromed as there was a bit of rust here and there but the other three are aluminium like the factory hub caps.


Has anyone seen these what must be aftermarket caps before??

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With my wife at her "FINAL" retirement management dinner, I used the opportunity to spend time on the Special.

One of the recent car nights a fellow approached me and asked if I had been working on the car.

Explaining that mechanically things have occupied my time I said no not really. In truth I have been carefully touching up the paint with a fine brush to clean her up. 

It isn't what I would prefer but from a distance, gives a sense of just what this car is a good base for a restoration.



Clearly the door showing the bondo from an obvious door hit before I bought it, I'm not ready to do anything right now but looks better than it was.



After getting and estimate of $15,000 Canadian for an upholstery job will preserve her at this point and drive the hell out of her!


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Posting this video I took the other night.

She was warmed up and idling nicely. Wish the lighting was better as it is somewhat out of focus...


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Today was a fun day!


I went to the Special to investigate the charging circuit today and thinking I had an NOS Voltage Regulator on the shelf at home dug into the garage and ... found nothing!

Drove over to the Special garage and looked and looked and looked!

Just like my new gas gauge, guess the "BLACK HOLE" syndrome is in play!!!

Poked around with the car and after tapping the cover doesn't it show a charge so... Will be ordering a new voltage regulator Monday. Thinking the contacts are dirty or...


Seeing that it was intermittent, took a drive Downtown and then went back to Mom's where the Corvair is parked in the garage. 

Tried to connect the Battery Disconnect and lets just say it was a disaster!

Will be changing it out later but finally got things together!

Firing her up again (battery was still fully charged thankfully) backed her out of the garage. 



Interesting situation here as the Special is parked in about the same spot when I bought her in 1972 and brought her home.



So naturally had to capture this moment today.



I drove the Corvair over to the Special garage to clean the tires and one thing let to another...



Had a bottle of vinyl cleaner and decided to go at the original upholstery.


Afterwards went to the Shell Station and filled up with High Test and then headed home to BBQ.

As I pulled in my son pulled in with his car behind me.



First time he has seen the car cleaned up after painting it (and Dad's passing) so asked if he wanted to go for a drive.

One of those special moments...



The wife and I drove her back to Mom's and my sister will find her looking like this when she comes here on Thursday.



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As the saying goes, A picture can hide a thousand sins but from a distance she does look pretty good I think also Joe!

I do like driving it with the low centre of gravity and the tires properly inflated (that's the secrete with them) she handles really well. That pancake 6 will scoot her along at highway speeds even with the automatic transmission. This one shows 65,000 miles but not sure it is accurate as Dad had several 65 and 66's before fixing this one up. It's possible he swapped out the speedometer but don't know for sure...

My sister was given the car because she still has her first car which is an early production 1960 four door sedan so Dad thought she would like his.  

I know my son likes it too and was impressed how it handled the other night.

Posed the situation with my sister if she was at any point not sure of what to do with the car, Mark might be interested in it...

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Not paying attention to the weather forecast yesterday, after supper decided to go for a drive and get Sundays at a spot outside of town. It has been there since 1954 and with the passing of the founder a few years ago, his daughter and husband have carried on the business with great success and still has Car Hop Service.

We went in the Cougar and with the AC working (somewhat - needs a new low pressure switch...) sat in the new screened in patio looking out over the now park like grounds till finishing our treats.

It was getting dark by now and noticed lightening off in the south west on the way home.

It was raining steady when I dropped my wife off at home and then proceeded over to the Special garage where I switched her out for my truck.



When I came home and got in (almost getting totally soaked, the TV was announcing this.



Fortunately being north east of Wyandotte (at the top) and the tracking direction of this storm front we were spared anything like a tornado but... checking in the Special garage today, found the floor wet and a few card board boxes with things in them wet...


After dealing with that decided while the Special was parked outside now anyway, might as well get the wife and head over to what might be one of the last weekly Wednesday night Cruise-in's.

Headed home to pick up my wife and was surprised to find I could not park in my driveway due to the neighbours construction of his new house.... so parked out on the road to wait for Cindy to get ready for a drive and some supper.



It might look sunny and warm right here but after supper it was about 58 degrees!!! 

I suggested putting the top up but was told "I'm fine" so rolled up the windows and turned the heat on high taking the slow City streets home.


Thinking next Sunday Show the top will be up before we start and see just how the day goes. 

It is officially Fall now so...



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Saturday after work went over to the Special and moved her out to take inventory as we were planning on attending an annual Fall Apple Blossom event 25 miles out of town Sunday.

Needed to top up the gas tank first so headed over to the closest Shell for some of the good stuff (non ethanol). Cutting off the pump (as the gas was coming out the low oriented fill tube...) went in to pay. 

I noticed it was at $58 and 58 cents.

Headed back to clean up the tires and sort a few things in the truck (just in case things) and it was time to head home for supper leaving her in the garage for the night as the morning due is heavy right now plus the forecast was for light rain over night.


I need to be a Weatherman! It's the only job you can be wrong 50% of the time (or more) and still get paid. 

At 6:30 am it was steady rain and the forecast is for rain till noon (again or so...). Since we were planning to go with others the phones were ringing saying it was a BUST this time.


Hanging loose watching the radar and might squeeze a drive in today yet should a window open. 

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It's Sunday evening and that window I hoped for opened up!

It wasn't till about 11 am but... went and got the Special.

I put the top and windows up as it wasn't warm and with a promise of sunshine on the horizon decided to make the most of things...

The objective was to make a Car Show out of Town in Ruthven, Ontario only 24 miles away from home.



Took all back roads not caring when we got there.

 I did however have some instructions. :lol:


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We arrived late as suspected but donated the 10 dollars anyway to the Community Living Fund Raiser Event and parked.



I might mention after seeing this shot that I need to do a bit of "touch up" on the paint to the passenger side as the drivers side (from a distance) I did some work on, think it has made a bit of a difference.



Might cheat a bit and see what I can do to hide that hole in the fender???

There is a brace right behind that hole that must have held salt, sand or whatever and rusted it out over my years of ownership.


The Event wasn't just a car show, there was a whole other field of Arts and Crafts plus Food Vendors so walked, ate and bought an apple pie before deciding it was time to move on.


Cindy suggested we head on down the road to Leamington where we cruised in the Special when we first dated. 

Took the back roads again (having learned them back in my teenager days) and stopped at the Dock which we had done back in 2005 before the brakes went out on the car and sat for 13 years till getting her back on the road last year.



Things have changed here development wise with the new Ferry to Pelee Island and over to Sandusky, Ohio but the feelings are strong with memories of summer and young love.


From here we travelled along the lake road past where my grandparents and then parents had cottages on the lakeside. This was just a mile outside Pointe Pelee National Park which again we two (car makes three...) had spent a few summers together at.


Decided it was time to head on towards home but took the OLD #3 Hi-Way which is now posted at 30 miles per hour. Perfect!

This brought us again to the Dairy freeze we had gone to last week in the Cougar so... Decided to ruin Supper with another Sunday and Ice Cream Cone.



Headed on home and when driving through Essex, Ontario made a stop for a picture or two at the now restored Train Depot that has quite a history.





The short version:

WAAAY back, there was a train load of dynamite that stopped here and somehow it exploded and all but destroyed the depot. It was rebuilt back then but with Passenger service eventually dying off in the 60's the Depot "Stop" was cancelled and it went into disrepair. The Town of Essex and groups put an effort together to preserve the history and heritage  / importance of the times and is today used by various groups keeping it alive. 

As with all train lines, this station now stands isolated since the tracks have all been removed.


Continued on home and after dropping Cindy (and my apple pie) off went to park the Special in her garage.

Made note of the Trip odometer reading as I was happy with her performance today.


Round trip works out to 88.4 miles.


(happy the weatherman was wrong today!)

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Managed a couple of hours before dinner today and pulled the Special out to see what I could do with the paint on the passenger side.

Up close you can see what needs attention on the door.



This is not really a proper fix but more of a preserving issue. The fact it doesn't show as bad does help though.



Before anyone says anything, I know full well it's going to take more than a little paint to deal with the rocker panel!!:lol:


Still, encouraged with the results I moved on to the lower front fender and the obvious spots.





Once it all dries completely will go at the paint with the wax / cleaner and see how things look.



Think I might have gained a few feet letting someone look at her before the obvious becomes too clear...

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Last two evenings I have been on a mission.

With my contractor saying he is thinking of starting the back wall that had collapsed next week, I have to remove the shed and the Limited parts car.

There are a few things on it I will be keeping like all the stainless and such so made a bit of progress after purchasing a new angle grinder and some sawzall blades.

I had loosened some things awhile ago so managed to get the grill out last night.



For as rusty as she is more than a few bolts came out with the help of PB Blaster. Looks like I'm going to need to stock up as moving on to the drivers side fender tonight I had to resort to the sawzall here and there.





Finally got it off and will take the stainless off later as it will be easier to access those speed nuts now.



With a little effort was able to unbolt the inner fender from the rad cradle.


Next turned my attention to the only bolt holding that rad cradle on. NO WAY was it going to unbolt so went at it with the angle grinder.



Finally cut it off and ground down that special nut(?) till she came loose.

Next I went at the four bolts that hold the bumper brackets on to the frame. That required the sawzall but with good access it soon was off and will be stored as a good core for rechroming / trade / sale.



Knowing the car was slated for parts some time ago, it still isn't easy as this was my first car and was a gift from Dad to start my driving career.


To be cont'd...


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Save that steering gear.  You never know when you'll need one of those!

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