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ME & MY === 1958 Buick, 1958 Buick, 1958 Buick and……..


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Satisfied with having the front tires on I looked up on the shelf and noticed a hood trim I think is for the Limited.

Having sat on the shelf for so long I thought I'd better get out the magic stuff and have at her.



Good thing I did as it took quite a bit of scrubbing to get a few stubborn spots off.



While not perfect it will do for a driver and against the black paint some might not even notice.

Fortunately I put all the bolts in so I don't have to go searching those out.



Not going to be another late night tonight...

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What does one do on a Monday after supper when one doesn't feel like going out into a cold garage and getting dirty?

Grab an old T shirt, some clean rags, some chrome cleaner and a bumper guard from the front bumper of a 1958 Buick Limited, tune in the local Classic Rock (yes that is the appropriate saying for 60-70's Rock) and polish away! 



Keeping in time with the songs is a great motivator.



While not show quality it is a great driver condition piece.



It's not perfect and wears the marks of a 57,000 mile vehicle can have depending on use and storage... 

I'm going for saving what I can to get it complete & back on the road.

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Made arrangements with 95Cardinal (Joe) to go over and meet for lunch on Tuesday.

With his Caballero finished (and looking good!) he had some extra things he wasn't going to need and felt I should come and have a look.

Found Joe in his garage hooking up a Sonomatic radio but after saying hello and talking said to come on into the house, Say hello to his wife and go downstairs to search through some boxes and shelves.


One choice item was the small padded piece on the dash matching the padding on the glove box door. While the foam on his piece has crumbled (like on my Special) it has still held it's shape. I can dig & vacuum out the remaining foam and then shoot some expanding foam spray in carefully then replace my sagged and cracked vinyl piece.


Found the Photofact pages with full wiring schematic for the radio upstairs waiting to be tested.


Pulled out the small chrome trim piece used in the cowl grill matching the hood center chrome. I thought it might be better (even with some pitting) than the one on the Limited now... They are universal to all '58 Buicks.


Opening a box he pulled out a speedometer cluster saying it came from a wrecked car that had only 24,000 miles on it and by turning the end sticking out where the cable goes, watched the drum smoothly climb a bit and recede, plus the odometer started to roll nicely.



THIS is going to be great as the speedo drum in the Special was starting to bounce when starting off and not registering the correct speed let alone the odometer was stuck meaning I had to rely on the trip meter only!


You'll notice the small numbers on the left side is part of the speed minder system as is the cable on the right. The cable once connected, allows you to roll the numbers up or down so when at that number, and the drum registers that speed a buzzer is activated to remind you that you are travelling at that speed. All my Buick's have this and worked intermittently so will see how well this one works with that low mileage use on it.


Then we went back out into the garage to test the radio.

Joe turned on the switch and immediately heard the vibrator humming so waited and with a little bit of adjustment we hear clear AM music playing on the single speaker. Success!



It was then time to head out for lunch which turned out to be a short walk from his warehouse where he has the Caballero parked along with many other owners cars for the winter.



Joe has a few more of his personal cars there including a recent purchase that I will leave for him to post but it is a honey of a car!


With a great pub style lunch and a beer finished over good conversation we headed back to his truck and then Joe asked if I had time to stop at the restoration shop next door who had painted his Caballero.

Could this day get any better?

The amount of Corvettes in the shop was unbelievable along with a '58 Eldorado stainless steel roof, suicide door, black Cadillac! 

We chatted with the operations manager Brian for quite a bit till it felt like it was time to go.


Once back at Joe's I loaded my treasures up and said thanks &  good bye for now.

With it being only 3 pm traffic on I-75 was not yet revved up to full "Let's get home" volume so got to the Border easily taking the Tunnel. 

Once at Customs the Officer asked, "What was the purpose of your visiting the States?"

I told him I was visiting a fellow Buick Club member to share lunch and chat over our 1958 Buick's.

He then asked, "Did you buy or receive anything?"

Yes I said, my friend gave me a used AM radio and a used speedometer. (clearly sitting on the back seat)

He asked, "All original?"

Yes sir!

He then said, "I hope you bought him lunch" and handed me my Passport to be cleared to enter Canada. 


Honest answers to the Officers questions is always the best thing to do!


Thanks Joe for a wonderful day!! 

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If you come across more things I should look at, let me know. 😁

(any excuse for a visit is good)


I might swap out that chrome grill piece later as it shined up really well but like most pot metal, has a few pits in it but less than mine I think...




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4 hours ago, Elpad said:

I would estimate at least $250 to $300!


I know pot metal is expensive!

At the National in Flint (way back then) a fellow came in with a Limited two door fresh from a restoration shop and over heard him talking about spending 45,000 on re-chroming alone...


I can't afford anything like that so she will wear the best I have for now.

Money for the engine and brakes plus some paint on the front end is going to be enough.

Getting it back on the road driving it will be my reward.

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Another fine afternoon in the garage today.


Called a fellow the other day that used to have a paint and body shop till last year when he retired. Said he bought another property that had a garage big enough to do small projects here and there because he just wasn't ready sit around doing nothing.

Talked about the Limited and my goals to get it back to going on the road again as funds would permit. I then asked if he would consider painting some panels and possibly the fenders that need painting? Told me he would need to come around and see exactly where I was with the car and what I wanted to be done on Friday so dug in and gathered the inner panels together to show him.









With that done I went to the back and started to move things around, some of which was knocked on the floor from that four legged hat! (raccoon)


To my surprise don't I find a hood trim piece and.... a headlight switch.



After pulling it out of the small plastic bag and looking it over, I read the writing on the masking tape and almost fall over!!

It was a swap meet find from many years ago....



I remember locating one for a fellow that was doing a '58 Caballero (no not 95Cardinal's) and being told he wanted 450.00 for it as it was NOS.

If this one isn't NOS it sure is an early take off...


I'm going to use it on the Special as hers doesn't work the dash lights lights anymore.

Between the radio, speedometer, light switch and recovering the padded dash top, I will only have to have things opened up once.

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Larry & his helper came by this morning to assess what I have going on and need to be done.

He felt the car was very presentable in it's present condition but the panels could use work stating if it was his car (think body shop owner here) it might need a lot of work but would be willing to do what I felt was going to be good for me. Also saying, Where do you start and stop?

I trust Larry and we worked out a time and materials rate I can live with since I don't have facilities to paint in so Sunday will be stopping by his shop to get this ball rolling!



With a forecast of 4-7 inches of snow starting at midnight, going to load the snow blower soon and fill up the gas can.  Looks like we are not going to miss this one...

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Snow storm blew in over night as predicted and dumped about 6 inches total by noon but as the temperature climbed above freezing it turned to light rain making the snow HEAVY!

With 5 driveways to clean it was a five hour day before getting to the garage with the Special.



The old Craftsman was able to handle it but glad I changed the oil last week.

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Sunday was eventful...


The Good: 

I brought 8 panels to the paint shop to get things started.

I figure this will be the test if I will continue with the rest of them and the front fenders once those are blasted.



The Bad:


Having accomplished the drop off I went on over to the Special with hopes of assessing tools needed and a plan of attack on removing the dash top to access the speedo, radio, dash pad and light switch.

Before I pulled off the blanket on the roof I notice some pieces of foam insulation thinking, Now What???

Just then I hear something in the rafters and then hear some tin noises at the side door.

When I get to the door and look outside don't I see two soffit panels hanging!

I didn't see it but looked around the building and found where likely a raccoon has scratched through the plastic covering and chewed through the window screen to get in out of the cold!!!

Decided to try and push the panels back in place standing on a big truck wheel rim that was right there on it's flat side. Managed to get the first panel in but the second one was fighting me in the cold as the weight of the bugger had bent it out of shape some. 

With nothing nearby for the critter to grab on the way down I sincerely hope it smacked the floor!


It was then with a bit more force that my hand slipped and lost my balance doing a "TIMBER" like tree fall landing with my back hitting the edge of a wood bench!! 

Out of instinct I had reached my left arm out and smacked my elbow either on the bench or the concrete walk... 

I didn't think I broke anything but had to lay there for a time as the pain shot through my abdomen and elbow.

I managed to get on my knees and hands waiting for signs of more pain to signify a 911 call.

A few more short breaths and managed to get into my truck, drive the 5 klms home and get into the house finding my son and wife sitting at the table chatting. 

They checked me over finding nothing scraped, swelling or bruised then went and laid on the bed.


As the Brit's say, "I'm in a bit of a pickle".

With three days in bed I know it will be awhile before any progress gets done on the cars now.

Oh, did I mention, I recently officially became a Senior Citizen? 😝


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"Decided to try and push the panels back in place standing on a big truck wheel rim that was right there on it's flat side."


Doug, you know better!

At our age, we don't bounce well.

You're lucky you didn't do more damage...hope you're healing up quickly.


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Two questions: Do the windshield wipers work?  If not look into oil pump repair, not fuel pump repair. The car will also have a bad miss and smoke a whole lot in conjunction with the windshield wipers not working.   Also, does the red line speedometer work? They usually don't.  There is a new roll on ebay for a 1957 and I don't know if they interchange.  Other problems I had with me included a broken a-frame and a heater valve that required removing the right front fender to get to.  Oh yes, the Buick dealer in the 1960's replaced half of the driveshaft to fix a u-joint because he said half of the u-joint was permanently attached to the driveshaft.  I had many problems with my two 1958 Buicks back in the day, but the windshield wiper thing was the worst.  Luckily, in 1964-5 the Buick dealer had a new oil pump on the shelf.

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Thanks everyone for checking in and concerns!


As to taking time off, Hell... I was just able Friday night to sit at the table for supper before having to get back in bed to find that comfortable spot so NOT taking time off, I have NO choice!~🛏️


I survived this starting out in business and have continued till this day so imagine with a bit of time, I will be back to normal and can continue with getting the Limited on the road.





And to 95Cardinal's statement, "I should have known better", Can't argue with that now can I...?:rolleyes:


(Fortunately I didn't have to bounce that time...)

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2 hours ago, 95Cardinal said:

Is that you hanging in the harness??😲


Sad to say yes to the question but... still here to tell about it.


High Rise work then was still being done with rope stages and unlike the Oliver & Hardy movies showing two of them pulling the rig up to the top while on it, ours was pulled up standing on the ground till the stage reached the top.

One man could hold both ropes keeping the stage in place while the other took the elevator to the roof. Once there he put on a safety belt (not the full body type harness mandatory today), lowered himself onto the stage (now at the top of the roof edge) to tie off that side. Signalling the man on the ground it was secured, one walks the length of the stage (in this case 24 feet) to the other end to tie that side off again, signalling when it was secured, release the rope and come up to join me on the stage to work our way to the bottom.


What some tourist, who happened to be on the other side of the street and took this shot caught was me climbing up the stage to get myself back on the roof.

I had almost reached the other end when suddenly that end started to lower!

Preservation youth instinct kicked in and with no toe boards on the bottom rails I turned sideways just in time to grab the upright rails to ride out the swinging motion taking place like a pendulum of a grandfather clock. Yes the life belt contributed to keeping me up too but fear makes one hold on! That belt is 4 inches wide made of leather and heavy buckle material but without the leg straps of today, rides up the rib cage and leaves some bruising.

The unofficial thinking then was, better to be alive and sore than the alternative.


It caused quite a sensation and four fire trucks arrived as I went down the elevator to find out what the H### happened!!!

After answering a few questions I looked at the trucks sitting there with lights flashing and traffic blocked and noticed there was not one ladder truck among them! All four trucks were pumper trucks!!

I told the Captain that they just might have to hose me down after I talk to my ground guy....


My crew loaded up the stage, lowered the lines and we left for the day to grab a beer and talk with my then business partner who was fending calls from the press mostly with a, No Comment.


Knowing the contract had to be fulfilled we went back the next day. I knew if I didn't get back on the horse so to speak I would be scared stiff and would have to sell my interest in the business.

All went well hauling it up only this time we changed the tying up procedure to reaching over first one side at a time BEFORE climbing over.


We used that system till the mid 80's when Regulation changes came into play and Bosun Chair use was to become the norm. I love them and the freedom it gives for access obviously getting over any fear of heights plus we now use FULL body harnesses connected to independent engineered anchor points mounted permanently on the roofs inspected annually.


We then dismantled that stage and hung it in the garage till this past summer when I decided to cut it up (due to its age) and get what ever I could at the scrapper.



Oh and the fellow who released the line on me that day? 

Let's just say I did him a favour and laid him off before he had a chance to hurt somebody else and never heard of him again.


And now as it's been said, you know the rest of the story.

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Yes Lance it is true what you say but like Old Tank said, "Too soon old, too late smart", the lesson I learned that day about procedure and safety first, went out the door last weekend...

I managed a crew at times as high as 9 seasonally for most of those 43 years hiring, training, firing and have been over the side of about 80% of the buildings here with no issues anything like that afterwards so thinking I let my anger over that raccoon get the better of me and now paying that price for the mind slip. 


I'll get back to it soon enough so going to get better which helps motivate some exercise as to not stiffen up laying around.

I sent my son to the garage yesterday to bait a live trap in hopes to capture the beast!

I've read recently that pouring ammonia at the entrance is a deterrent so will give that a try until we get the screens covered up with some wire. 


My long time neighbour, who speaks rather bluntly, says I should have hit my head and would be in better shape. LOL! 

Who knows, he might be right? 



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dei wrote: "And now as it's been said, you know the rest of the story."



Thanks for sharing that story, Doug.

Heal up soon; I think it's time for another burger & beer lunch.


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Getting a call from Mom yesterday needing my assistance with an issue I wrapped up my back and decided to stop at the garage with the Special (and raccoon) to see if the she was in the trap my son set.

Opening the big door it suddenly stopped half way up!

Went around to the side door and found this!!



That's the panel I had just about tight in place when I lost my hold and balance falling on my back...

Decided to walk around the back where the hole through the screen was chewed through and found this! 



When I went inside I found the plastic I stapled on the rafters was hanging down and had caught in the door rollers on one side so grabbed the remote and worked it enough to free it up to close the door till I can come back and staple it back up.


Guess the critter has a peanut allergy as it wasn't in the trap since the door was still set open...


While I'm mobile more I need to move carefully to avoid muscle pain but really need to close the garage up and rid it of these nasty buggers!!

They're not paying any rent, Time To Evict! 🤬

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To plan our next move!!!!


hey Doug, I sincerely feel bad about your mishap fall and hope you recoup as soon as possible, just trying to make you and others laugh. Remember laugh is the best medicine. I think I read than someplace. This from your “supposed” friend 


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18 minutes ago, Elpad said:

To plan our next move!!!!


hey Doug, I sincerely feel bad about your mishap fall and hope you recoup as soon as possible, just trying to make you and others laugh. Remember laugh is the best medicine. I think I read than someplace. This from your “supposed” friend 


I tried without success to print that picture to use for target practice!

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Where there is one, there is probably a family!  Next day you have a few hours,  turn the Special around, drop the garage door and pipe the exhaust into the empty garage.  Then run the car for 20 minutes.  Would help to have volunteers monitor the two open areas to see if the varmints run out.  Then try to close the areas.  But I hope they all leave, and don't succumb in place.  That will be awful. 

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8 hours ago, lancemb said:

On another note, is there some kind of award for longest thread?  This has got to take it.  I always enjoy the stories that come entangled with life with your Buicks!


Thanks Lance for following along and helping me out in the past Buick wise as with others here.


Since joining the BCA and this Forums I have read many members postings saying they have their Buick's or wished to have one because they had one when they were young or the family had a particular model growing up.

I have been fortunate to have had my '58 Limited since before I got my beginners permit at age 15 so they are ingrained and an integral part of my life. Sharing that and the purchase of my other '58's early on has been rewarding for me personally and thankful for the likes and good comments from most everyone.


Yes there are stories being told, most of which my patient wife has heard many times over in our relationship of 47 years... but I especially look forward to being at the National this year with the Special and proudly say Hey, it's not a show car, just my everyday driver that has survived all this time and it is what it is. 


The Limited with any luck might be on the road for the 2021 National and should the stars align, would be thrilled if I could talk my son & daughter-in-law to drive it having both cars there...

Only time will tell but I do know this. One way to get that done is to NOT find myself lying on the ground AGAIN!


Meantime, I have a critter to catch...

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