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The day today was uneventful other than helping the odd person stuck on the residential side roads due to not being plowed out yet. 

Eventually I ended up at the other garage with the Special.




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After three days of snow totalling almost 13 inches and dealing with the heavy slush the City plows back in the clean driveways, spend the afternoon cleaning up the truck, trailer and snow blower in theory being ready for the next bit (?) of snow fall..

Thankfully even starting out at only 19 degrees this morning the sun was shinning and by Thursday temperature is supposed to be in the low 40's! :)

That will be helpful in clearing the eaves troughs of the ice and snow that I had hoped will disappear after scraping a few feet off the roof's of my house, garage, Mom's and one other customer yesterday.



One can feel heat in that sun (maybe just in my mind? :unsure::D)


So in anticipation of "a heat wave" decided to dig my way back to the parts car to take advantage of getting at that wheel nut I need.



I figure if I start to dig in there which should aid with the melting of the snow, "the land mine stuff" that is buried around there will be obvious and not hurt myself?



Meantime, tomorrow will spend the day in the garage working on that "rag joint" should the orders from Head Quarters not come into play.

As far as I'm concerned Access is granted! :lol:


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Love it when the forecast is spot on! :)

Got up to 43 degrees today and stole an hour from the "honey do list" to get that darned wheel nut off the parts car.

Grabbed a few tools from the boys tool box after opening up the garage.



With tight access, getting down to get at that cap off meant I had to sit on the snow... (Not as young as I used to be... but still stubborn enough to get it done! Kneeling is not an option.)



Not a technically difficult job at all but took me back for a moment. It has been almost 35 years since I have taken this wheel nut off and did a brake job on her... :o



Put the cap back on to protect the wheel bearings which I believe are still good but by now my arse was getting wet so needed to move on! 

Took the wheel nut into the garage to put on the "missing in action" one on the good Limited and can say from experience now that the drivers side wheel nut is a left hand thread!



Adjusted the tension on the wheel bearings lightly and buttoned things up for now.



Next will be that rag joint (steering damper gasket) before I drop her on the ground and be able to roll her out but tomorrow, will be a much anticipated Road Trip! :)

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My Road Trip somehow went off as planned and what a great day! :)

I crossed the Border heading over to 95Cardinal's for a visit and offer a helping hand on his 1958 Buick Caballero wagon. 



I won't spoil Joe's thread with too many of my pictures here but man what a beautiful car this is!!

Great day with looking over his stash of restored ready to bolt on parts, having a good lunch meeting up with 57BuickJim, heading back to sort out and place the fan motor and shroud on the firewall, a short trip to a great hardware store and getting together with Larry Schramm seeing his Buick truck collection! :D


I even got lucky heading home that traffic was moving steady considering it was the rush hour and no quick close calls but glad I left when I did as the fog was setting in heavy by the time I crossed. Although, the Michigan freeway "three lane change" to get to the off ramp is always a throat clencher... Clearly defines the phrase "Drive it like you stole it."


Wish the Buick Chapter in Flint was closer to me as I miss the direct fellowship and sharing of cars but these Forums (technology) has helped greatly!

Likely would not have met these fine guys without it.


Can't wait for Spring! 

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Needed to go over to the garage with the Special today as the forecast is for major rain Monday and Tuesday. The trench I made two years ago has helped but wanted to dig out the ice, snow and left over leaves from the Fall just to be safe. It's low back there so every little bit helps with the water.



Headed home after that to get at the rag joint on the Limited and managed to make some progress. With being only 34 degrees today and the garage door open, the fingers can take only so much.



Managed to get it bolted in place but need to reattach the bracket holding the column in place on the firewall.



After that bracket is reattached I'm going to drop the front down off the jack stands and proceed clearing stuff out from under the back end.



Then once rolled outside it is on to the mission of unearthing that transmission buried back in that far left corner. 

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It's 7 am and not much sleep last night listening to heavy rain at times and dealing with a veery sore throat...

After my coffee plan on dressing properly (its already 55 and going up) and drop the Limited down on the front since there is a four hour window between rain fronts. Even if I get her fully down, not sure I will push her out under the wife's parking tent just yet. :unsure:

A sore throat is one thing, a sore wife is.... worse!:o

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Took my coffee and drove over to the other property to check for water before starting at the Limited. 

Fortunately the garage floor is dry but my trench has rapids in it! :o

Happy it's doing it's job thought. :)



Headed back to open the Limited garage up and proceed there.

Moved just about everything from around and under the car before slipping the jack under and pulling out those front jack stands.




Had to cover things under the parking hut just in case as the wind started up some and Lord Knows my boy would NOT be happy his stuff needed to be wiped down...

The front of the car is now lowered but it was time for a hot coffee and a throat lozenger.




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2 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

You don't have to pull it all the way out of the garage, do you?  


Possibly might get away with only half way out but there is stuff that is back there and behind the car that really needs to go, so it would be better to have a clear shot and not put any more scratches in the paint.

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During Lunch my boy came home too and saw what I had been up too. I was good there (for a change) and went back out to lower the front of the car. The rain started again but at least came down straight.



Once the stands were out of the way I started looking for stuff under the back end as that long overhang of hers was actually raised quiet a bit with the rear stands in place making it easier.

I had moved some plywood and panelling along the wall onto the side of the car looking for that first transmission so squeezed in there to move it back off the car. Before I moved them though I noticed the rad cradle and the inner fender / battery side and took it out as they would need to be moved anyway.



Squeezing between the car with them and NOT scratching the paint is exactly why I need to pull the whole car out plus to be able to get at that broken rack you see. Some good stainless trim is still in there and don't need it bent.


Guess I had sanded the rad cradle and put primer on it but if you look closely there is rust out on the right hand side that I didn't have fixed. Placed it resting on the frame for now and will see if my son will attempt some welding? (Not my thing)



The Inner fender panel has the usual rust out on the battery box so maybe two projects for him...



At this point I was able to drop the rear end. Suddenly the drivers door opens easier... 

Going to the back, posturing the next step?


Cleaning up is mandated!

Feeling a bit feverish by now I tried to roll her out a bit but... even with the transmission and engine out not an easy roller yet. Determined to get this done grabbed a ratchet strap and hooked up to the truck as an anchor. I got some movement and success! 


That was enough room to get me at the back and clean up some racoon treasures and insulation!




That was enough for today and enlisted help from my son to push her back into place for now. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be rain all day too but a bit colder.

Need to get feeling better with that, the humidity and sweating (me too) is not a good thing for metal but happy about the progress today. Might have a hot toddy after supper...

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Decided to see if I could pull the Limited out of the garage today. Since it wasn't supposed to rain pushed stuff out of the way and tied a rope to the trailer hitch on my truck. 



Being by myself I dragged it carefully and but not all the way out.



Thankfully the driveway is level and the car sits where I stop with no fear of rolling into my truck. 

I went back inside and started the effort to unearth the transmission along the wall. :(



FINALLY the goal was in sight! ;)



After carefully propping the one next to the yellow covered engine block I was able to verify it indeed is the correct '58 yoke I need to bring down to Jim when I get the call he is finished with the rebuild.



Putting it in park and using a thin wall 3/4 inch deep socket it came loose easily.



Putting it safely aside I continued with the cleaning up of the mess on the floor and at the back wall. I took the fender out to the front of the car and hung it loosely to check it over. It is a solid fender rust wise but is going to need some work as it has some damage on the upper front side.



By now it is well after 2pm and needed to fix that rack where a lot of trim is while there was access. That took a bit of innovation without clearing everything off but finally had it back to normal with some help from my son who returned with my trailer from a run to the  dump.



With afternoon disappearing quickly I asked for help pushing the BOAT back inside so my wife could park underneath out of the weather tonight. The beast does not roll easy even without an engine and transmission!! :o

Will have to figure a way to hook up a block and tackle to get her back inside if I'm alone. That will be for the next time I pull her out and clean out the remaining stuff on and around that red '78 Chevy truck seat.

I need that extra space back there. If the front bumper was on the car, the garage door would not be able to close. :wacko:

Meantime I'm now ready for another road trip :)


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It was 51 degrees and sunny today which brings cars out for a drive this time of year.

While thinking about doing just that my phone rang and a friend asked if I was home. He was out for drive in in 1965 Buick Gran Sport and wanted to drop by.



Other than those wheels and tires this is a numbers matching car with dual four barrel carb option.



Painted / restored and on the road in 2005 it is driven when ever the weather is good. This is no trailer Queen.



Good way to spend an hour or two and get some fresh air. :)

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Last two days were sunny and in the low 60's. Unusual...

Naturally my phone rings with the sun out and work is coming in which is both a blessing and curse. Will be starting another year of balancing work and play which again means the cars come second at times.

Thinking about this I called Jim to see where he was with my transmission and found out he had slipped on some ice 6 weeks ago and was somewhat out of commission for awhile! At first it seemed he didn't break anything but after this amount of time the healing is slower than expected and there is further investigation to be done. Good luck Jim!  

The good news was that what he has found internally with the transmission so far shows it is indeed a low mileage unit and nothing out of the ordinary in regards to wear. 

When I purchased it from Lance and seeing it came from his Roadmaster with 50,000 something miles I pondered just cleaning up the exterior and taking a chance putting it in the Limited but... just made so much sense to get it gone over now. To have to pull it out after everything was back together well, with my timeline history, now just makes so much sense. 

That road trip will be "down the road" when Jim calls me to say he is finished with the rebuild which is OK as I have another project at home here that has been on the back burner for some time. It involves preparing access to the back of the property for a contractor to repair my retaining wall. It is too wet for him right now but as soon as things dry out he wants to be able to get going for his other seasonal work too and not be held up. 

Balancing act, Here I go.


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Three days since my last post and the weather has done it's usual seasonal up and down changes.

Thursday morning it was raining steady and the temperature was around 43. While doing a job it changed to huge wet snow flakes and by the end of the day had to scrape the snow off the truck windshield before heading home. No rides in the Special for a day or two...:(



Have had a PM from JohnD1956 posing a friendly challenge for us both to put 2,500 miles on our Buick's this year. :) 

I have two Car Shows on my Planner in May and June for sure that will take me out of town so will see how it adds up as the summer goes on. Might be interesting if we could meet half way at some point?? 

As the saying goes, "Let The Good Times Roll".


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One of the things I came across while moving the Limited out was this tail light lens which had been on the floor for awhile. Took the opportunity to clean and polish it up since it's only 36 out today. It will go on the Special since I have a piece knocked out on the passenger side rear. 

It's not perfect (around the screw holes) but cleaned up nicely using some polish and nice soft rags.



Sadly the chrome strip is pitted badly but the chrome still has some shine to it which would do for a driver if someone had one that was worse or broken.


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It is Sunday March 4th and it finally reached 41 degrees late this afternoon and needed some fresh air so headed over to the Special.

I brought that lens with me to see about changing it out and got a bit side tracked while there. Moving the Limited around I came across the fender skirts I had for the Special and had put them in the trunk which were now staring me in the face.

Tried one on the drivers side and it fits nicely but not sure if they are the look I want?



Obviously some painting is needed and matching that red after all these year??



Meantime, went back to that tail light. I had backed into something in the garage years ago before the brakes went out on me and never addressed the issue. With a better lens cleaned up and in hand, it was time!



Fortunately all the screws came loose and didn't strip the heads with the Phillips screw driver.


The reflector isn't in too bad of shape but the backup section will need a shot at cleaning and will have to see. I have extra reflectors on the shelf but will look later.

Part of the problem is the gasket was in rough shape (dried out and cracked) but will dig around and find the new after market ones I bought and replace them.


Decided to bring everything back home as it was getting late and deal with the cleanup and replacement there. The unit comes apart easily and with a bit of washing in the sink, presto.



New gaskets, six screws and back in business.


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Thanks Gary. Looking back I realised I had them on for a bit after I bought them some time ago and received mixed reaction then hence part of my hesitation now. 



The black wall tires and not being painted surely didn't help so might try having them painted and see if that turns my crank.

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15 hours ago, GARY F said:

Just a question, why don't you have white walls on?


Hi Gary,

I should have posted the date on that picture of me in the car with the skirts on. That picture was shot at our Car Clubs Heritage Village back in about 1986 or so. 

With having owned the car since 1972 I ran bias ply tires back then and put a fair amount of miles on tires over those years so got to the point I would find used ones now and then. Guess I put blackwalls on because they were cheap? 


I replaced the WW radials I had on last August and they are a bit smaller (white wall wise) than the previous set but they were a good deal for five, mounted and balanced so...

Seeing a pattern here? :lol: 

This picture was the end of January this year on the one day we hit 50 degrees.



The very next day it was like this!:o


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It's Wednesday Mar 7, 2018

Looking back, Sunday evening my wife hooked up the three week old portable dishwasher after dinner and we settled down in the living room to watch a movie. The unit makes some noise going through the cycles so it ran for awhile till I heard my son come home. He says loudly that there is water on the kitchen flood guys! :o

Sure enough, water is coming out from under the sink and all over the place!

We shut the unit off and disconnected the feed hose from the tap but can hear water running under the sink... Seem the hot water plastic feed line had two cracks in it and was spraying all over the place! Reaching in to shut the water off was impossible due to the hot water so had to rush downstairs to the main shut off. Fine there but coming back up stairs I notice water was dripping through the finished ceiling tile onto the bar area and on books and thing on and near the bar....

By now it's late, Lowes is closed so shut the hot water tap under the sink off, moped up the mess both upstairs and down, turn the main back on and went to bed.


Monday morning off to Lowes and purchased new stainless steel supply flex hoses and replaced the plastic garbage ones. :angry:

I'm no plumber but figured it to be not a big job... Crawling inside the cupboard on ones back, reaching up into the tight space between the sink and wall well... Might have been worth the cost to call a Plumber in hind sight but getting one around here on a emergency call (other than an Insurance Claim) is like looking for gold. You might get lucky and find some but more than likely you won't.

My day was shot and the Ben Gay helped once everything was back in order.


Move on to yesterday, 

After some unsuccessful estimating on work coming up I need some perking up so grabbed the tail light I had cleaned up and headed over to the Special. Fortunately it wasn't a long job to install but desperate enough to deal with the 34 degree temperature between hand warming in the truck.





That was satisfying :) till I learned form my son that his wife backed into the tongue of the car trailer with her leased Chevy Cruise punching a hole through the back bumper on Saturday... :huh: Good Lord!

He was upset with her naturally as the estimate to fix is 2700 bucks. OK but lets look at the trailer, is there any damage? I don't think so... Well there is fluid on the ground right under the brake reservoir...


Guess we dodged a bullet with snow last night in that we have nothing while across the River some areas received 6-7 inches. That was OK with me but...

NEXT? :unsure: 


Just venting, thanks for listening.


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The taillight looks great!  Bet the stainless steel supply lines look great too, but no pics?

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Appreciate the comment on the tail light sir! :)


Here is are the SS flexible supply lines since you asked. 


Looks simple enough right? 

Like I stated, Not A Plumber! :o After frustrating myself trying to tighten up the nuts in that tight space went back to Lowes and a department guy directed me to a plumbing wrench used for tight spaces. Fine, got back and it would have worked great if the darned shut offs and pipes were not in the way... Sheesh. At just about a quarter of a turn at a time I finally had it tight enough not to leak.

Felt much like having to remove a bolt on a car that just has to be turned with a wrench to the very last thread... only on your back partly in the cupboard reaching up and having to find that sweet spot with the wrench each 1/4 of a turn... I didn't realise how much blood I don't have in my arms anymore! 



As you can see there is some plaster repair that now that needs to be done but it has to dry out first.

Then I have to address the wet stained ceiling tiles downstairs at some point. 


All this trouble for a pair of stainless steel lines that cost a whole $16.00 total. 



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OK, I like the W/Ws. are they 14 inch rims?  If so where did you get tires with the W/W. I am looking for four to put on my GP I just finished restoring. I am not looking at coker or those other companies like them.

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Sorry Gary, all '58 Buick's are 15" and my new tires are not Coker either. 

I wish they were a bit wider like the ones I took off but at the price for the five at 800.00 CDN I can live with them for now. 

Here are the old ones. They were 1-7/8" wide and I liked that size even though they were smaller than the original 2-3/4" (I think).



Compared to the new ones today. They are only 1-1/4" but it is better to be new and safe than 20 years old and worried so can live with them.



Wishing you good luck with hunting for 14" tires. Have you tried any Pontiac Clubs for their tire sources? I'm sure there must be someone out there that has them.


Do you have a thread on your car? I'd like to see it if you have posted some pictures. 

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