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1913 36 model 17 in the UK

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Good to hear all is well in the old country.  I came across a small reference to Chalmers in  one of a very interesting series of articles on the life of the famous Detroit car collector Barney Pollard. featured in the AACA magazine 2012/13  Maybe you have already heard of him and read the articles. Here is a bit.  Cheers, Barry 



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Hi Barry and all,


I have seen the Barney Pollard story before, quite a collector pioneer.


We had the first Vintage Sports Car Club pub meet of 2021 yesterday, we had a lovely lunch, good beer and great cars in a covid safe way,




we had a lovely Humber special, Iain's racing Morgan, 2 wonderful Riley special's and the Chalmers,




Hopefully as we start to open up again we can have more day's like that.




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great line up . Is that a JAP engine in the Morgan?  Ewan Cameron build? Most likely I suspect. The only Blackburn one I saw was at Sammy Miller's museum. Of course he told me that the Blackburn was the best !

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