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BCA Election ballots--change the zip code

Pete Phillips

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I've been informed that the zip code for the return of the BCA Board election ballots, which are on the wrapper of the April issue of the Buick Bugle, were printed with the incorrect zip code. Therefore, they are going to the wrong post office in Indiana. If you have not sent yours in yet, please strike out the printed zip code and write in 46250-6682. Postal authorities in Indiana have been notified to forward any ballots already mailed to the wrong zip code, to forward them to the correct zip code. So, don't worry if you have already sent one in. We will also put a note in the May issue of the Bugle.

In my own defense, I wish to point out that the individual who set up the election mail box and who counts the ballots proofread the election ballot before it was sent to the printer, and okayed it (with the wrong zip code). So this boo-boo can't be blamed on the Editor!

In summary, change your ballot's address zip code FROM 46150 to 46250-6682, if you still have it.


Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Bugle Editor

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Guest shadetree77

Mine's in a stamped envelope and headed straight for the wrong P.O. Hopefully they'll forward it like you said. Thanks for the info. Pete.

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Here is an update for those who may be concerned. The Post office was notified shortly after the error was found and they have been doing a great job forwarding the ballots. If you haven't voted yet, please do so and use the correct zip code as listed above. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you at South Bend.

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