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1946 pontiac turns over, wont start, NO electrical at all


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car was running fine. parked in garage and put charger on. its a auto charger so should have gone to trickle. I did not disconnect the terminals. Went back a week later and tried to start. turned over fine but did not fire up. also i now have no electical in the whole car. no lights or gauges, nothing. Any sugestions before i start. i know the started is hooked diectly and does not need the key to be turned on. is there some main switch that all electrical goes through that i could of fried?


Went over there today and found out the cause. The ammeter was kaput. Bypassed it and everything worked.

Now I have to see if i can find an original replacement or do I go to a voltmeter??

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I think the first place to look would be at the starter post where the positive battery cable connects. There should be wires to the ammeter and the horn relay. The other terminal of the ammeter should go to the switch, lights and the voltage regulator. The problem is most likely in the ammeter circuit between the starter post and the switch.

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