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I was about to ask "Who Made These Wheels" and ....


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When I went to Measure them i saw a stamp on the Bead area that said CLEVEWELD !

Very Nice !!!!

These are 16x5.5 ....... Steel Hoop with a Forged Center rivited into the Hoop.

Anyone have a pair of 15x4 they would Sell ?

Any pics of an original with the Hub Cap ?


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Guest Commodore

Here is a photo. This wheel was produced by Cheveland Welding for General Tire Co. for use with their Jumbo brand of "Balloon Tires".


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Guest 36chev

Definitely not 1936 Chevrolet--either master, standard, or pickup. All Chevrolet wheels from that year were 17" (except for the 1 ton and bigger vehicles). The master wheel is 6 lugs but has different shaped spokes. The standard is 5-lug. Both have clips on the rim to hold the hupcap.

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