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Smitty, whadaya think about this old custom job

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Smitty, you're an ol' custom guy.... This job has been around and for sale for 2-3 years. I strongly suspect the project was moving right along, until the realization of what having glass made for the chopped top was going to cost. While I personally commend the guy for making what he did out of a basic 4 door Super, I am not interested in purchasing....I just wanted to post this to draw in some discussion of these old school custom jobs. Whadayathink Smitty. BTW I really do have an appreciation of your knowledge and past 1st hand experience with these customs. I looked for the pictures of your scalloped 54 but could not find them in my files.




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This really could be a nice car for someone. Go to a lowrider glass guy and having the glass cut won't be quite so expensive. Calling up the local glass company will be though. I am curious as to his method of lowering this car though. That ride height with a non air bag suspension would be killer on trying to go up a steep driveway or speedbumps and pot holes.

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I have just recently learned of a technique for dealing with the glass of chopped tops. I have read about it a few times now. Instead of trying to cut the glass, they sink the stock glass into the body to the desired depth. I guess for those who are good fabricators, this is easier and cheaper than having the stock glass cut, or having a new piece made.


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