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Driver-side power seat assembly

Fox W.

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Condition: Tan trim in fair to poor condition with one broken plastic part as shown. Some parts have light oxidation. All motors connected to a car and tested working good. Item is pretty heavy. Easy to install.

Desc: All tested and working great! This is a great item for someone who has a burned out seat motor (there are 3) or bad cable. See pictures.


"Be sure to put your seat in the full "up" (not forward) position, and adjust the back and forth to the midway position. Do the back and forth adjustment after you've removed the four bolts that attach it to the floor. Reach underneath; you will feel a black tab on one side of the plug. push it away from you to release the plug. If you have a sixteen way seat, pull the tabs back on either side of the white plug."

I paid $85, but I'll accept any reasonable offer, thanks.




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