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Is it possible to hazard a guess using these bad photos? Very heavy part. How much effort would be needed to figure out if it worth a darn. The stick action feels tight with a nice sound. (only did that once - i know - no clutch). Any value if good?

thanks as always.




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Guest prs519

Actually, correct me if I am wrong, please, the Ford 2 digit prefix number tells the first occurrence of the casting (or general car in the case of the Ford flathead serial number). If a part or casting was carried over unchanged, the same prefix would stay unchanged. This is generally a good thing, if one is searching for parts. I believe all the Fords serials were 18-xxxxxxxxxx until 1940 or so. the sequence for the the larger V8s (part numbers) was 18, 40 (used in 33 and 34); 48 for 1935, 68, 78, 81, 91, 01, respectively, for 1936 to 1940. Please pardon the bad syntax.

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