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Think watching TV in cars is modern?:In 1967, Mercury offered a...

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Not a factory accessory but as a kid in early 70s when we traveled longer distances, dad set up a small portable on a power inverter and I think an antenna on the outside of his 68 Cadillac Coupe deVille.

He figured well worth the trouble to keep 4 kids entertained versus annoying him. We appreciated his efforts.

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Later, there were outside antennas, two "dipoles", which were held in place, I believe, when you rolled up the window? Color reception was problematic enough with one "rabbit ear", much less in a moving metal box, back then. Metro areas would be a different situation than far western Texas, for example. BUT, it was a new application for technology!

Of course, the Ford Motor Company accessory televisions would have been a Philco brand device, which Ford still owned back then.

Just some thoughts,


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