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Connecting Rods

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I am looking for 4 connecting rods to replace the very crude rods in a brass era engine I'm rebuilding. I need 10" center to center (the originals are 9.97) with a wrist pin hole 7/8" or larger. The big end is not as important as I will be making bronze shells for the Babbitt. The journals themselves are only 1.6" so most anything from the 20s and later will be plenty big enough. I have a little lee way on the length because I'm making the pistons as well. I do have a set of Buick rods that are close and will work but I am thinking that there might be something even better, made for a wider big end bearing than the Buick... maybe even with 4 bolts per cap. This is a long term project and I'm not in a great hurry... When I was doing more of this stuff years ago I had a pile of left over rods from "parts" engines... they were one part that almost never seemed to be missing or damaged, so I'm guessing some one else might have a similar pile of "too good to junk" parts. My real problem is that everything is listed and sold according to what it originally fit... actual dimensions are tough to come by. If anyone actually knows what might work, even if they don't have any, I'd love to hear what I should be looking for. Thanks,

Joe Puleo

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Guest ralph w. gay

Joe, just roaming the forums, I have ONE ONLY Nash 4 cylinder rod. It measures 10 inches, c/l to c/l. The piston pin hole measures more like 15/16 inch; very heavy. I have it listed on Webstore.com, item 1492. Just google: donsoldcarstuff webstore, and "search" 1492. Any questions, email anytime. Thanks, later, regards, Ralph.

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