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1957 Buick Special (new proud owner) new member

Guest fastlane1

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Guest fastlane1

New member here. Glad to be here. Ive known about this car for a long time and it when up for sale out of the blue. I think i got a pretty good buy on it. Let me know what you guys think.











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Great looking car. In 1971, I paid $20 - that's right, $20 for one sitting outside a local service station. Engine & tranny had been pulled and were sitting in front of the car. The owner had left the car down there and the station manager said I could have it for $20 if I would just move it. 4 door hardtop like this one - baby bluish and white - seats were still covered in plastic, although the carpet was a little ratty. I was supposed to go back and move the engine and tranny in a couple of days, but didn't. A month later, I went back and it was gone. I don't even remember now what was supposed to be wrong with it. I kept the car for 3 years and sold it for $300. I didn't even have a title with that car.

Looks like you've got a nice one there.

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