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safe way to jack up 67 Riv


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I bought a hydraulic floor-type jack, 2 1/2 ton I think, but I'm not sure where to safely place the jack, as I can't see any good place to position the jack. I have the shop manual, and under "frame and body mounting", sec 20-18, there looks to be a body mount for the front; is that a safe place to place the jack? How about the rear?

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If you want to raise the whole front place jack under the center flat portion of engine cradle then jack stands at the frame ends just behind bumper. If you are using solid wood cribbing blocks put them under the frame rails just before frame sweeps up towards engine. Actually you can jack here even if doing one side. You raise the whole front but use only one stand so as you let down only one side stays up.

You can also jack one side in the front by placing it under the control arm as close to wheel as possible but its best to use a solid piece of wood to get some bite onto the curved control arm as the bottom is not flat. Use caution as you start to raise and watch the contact point for any movement. Or you can place the jack under the flat section of frame just before it sweeps up towards engine.

For the rear place jack near the location on frame of the front mounting point of the lower control arm/track bar if you want the suspension extended or if not simply put the jack under the axle on the specific side. I've also raised rear at once by placing jack under differential housing but caution as car may not balance until you get stands under it. This should not be attempted unless you are confident and/or experienced. Once raised you can place jack stands under the axle or on the rear frame rail(s) somewhere between the rear axle and bumper. Just have to be careful on the right side stand top does not contact gas tank. I never liked to put stands the whole way back by bumper because IMO the rear rails are a bit undersized to support a heavy car which is why I always travel with a compact floor jack so I never have to use the bumper jack.

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