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Tubes & flaps for 15" riveted steel wheel?


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Hi everybody I am sure this has been spoke about many times but, for the life of me I can not locate a thread on this topic. I picked up a set of 710-15 Firestones this past week end for my 1953 Pontiac and for what ever reason I thought my wheels were welded (had not looked at them in a few years in any great detal) to my surprise they are riveted. The tires are capable of running tubeless but, from what I have read I really should run tubes and flaps to ensure problem free driving. Two questions.

How to you know the correct size of tube and flap to purchase? Other than asking the tire companies? I would like to verify what they tell me is correct?

Is it safe to run riveted rims with out tubes if the rivets to not leak?

Thanks for your help.

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Steel wheels of that period where not made for use with tubeless tires and there is always a chance they would leak with a tubeless appilication. So I would recommend using a tube. As far as the flaps are concerned, they were more to protect against chafing the tube that sealing a tire and were helpful with welded spoke and wood spoke wheels, however ,my '36 Dodge has riveted spoke wheels and did not use flaps as best I can tell. The rivet heads are much smoother than the welds were and I don't think there is as much chafing. I have in the past ,just wrapped the wheel center with a couple of layers of good duct tape for extra tube protection with no adverse problems.

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