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picture says 1936 on the back


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With those big hup caps, it is a 1931. Since it has hood doors rather than louvers, and Deluxe Eight headlights, it is an 840 (Deluxe Eight). Great, great car in a very, very rare body style.

West knows Packards better than I. I would go with what he says. So go with 1931. The body style is rare as it is a two door car with a rear seat and a trunk in the rear. Look Here for body Styles... Parkard

I could not find a photo of a 1931 with this style body, but this 1930 is the same basic body style of the car in the photo.

More seaching... Here is a 1931 Victoria Coupe... http://www.flickr.com/photos/carphotosbyrichard/5439062910/ Another angle of the Body style but I would still go with West, and Restorer 32 on the Bigger engine model. I pinned it down within a year which is not half bad for a Green Horn where Packards are concerned. :P Dandy Dave!

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