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Remote trunk release?


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Bob thank you. I guess I will start looking for a used one- or NOS ( wishful thinking ).

Dick, are you referring to the vacuum operated unit? Thank you.

Yes, the vacuum operated releases are easy to install. The hardest part is running the long vacuum hose back from the glovebox, under the carpet, into the trunk and over to the release mechanism. See the shop manual for routing details.

The cardboard cover in the trunk is also different for a car with a remote release, because the vacuum actuator sticks out.

When looking for a complete setup from a parts car, you should know that the '63 style release has a little piston in a cylinder; you pull a knob to create a vacuum in the cylinder and that vacuum releases the trunk.

In later years, the knob is a "valve" that allows vacuum that has been stored in a can to flow back to the actuator to open the trunk. If you get that setup and try to put it in a '63, you will have to get the vacuum storage can and other associated stuff. I think it is better to get the parts from a '63.

FYI, about 40% of new '63 Rivs shipped with the remote release.

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Guest 63-Cat

I just installed a oem vacuume trunk release on my 63 Cat. It went much smoother than I thought. I bought the complete setup on Ebay a while back. It works great. Running the tube was much easier than I thought too. Went from glove box, down behind kick panel, through a channel under the door sill, under the rear arm rest and into the trunk.

One word of advice when buying an oem release. The stick or rod that goes from the lock to the release is different for the vaccuume release. It is shorter. So try and get the proper rod if you can. Otherwise you can grind your old one down. I was lucky enough to get the complete setup tubing and all. I got it all from Ebay seller "bestoffercounts". He specializes in Buick parts. Or you can call him James Kehr, 215-767-0845.

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you while I can still remember.lol

Looking back at the purchase I paid $126 for the setup. I thought that was reasonable considering what some are asking for just the plunger in other listings.

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To avoid running a vacuum hose the length of the car and finding an OEM release; has anyone found a an electric latch that is an "easy" fit. I am thinking (hoping) maybe another GM model may swap in...?

If you do, you will need to run a wire back there to operate it. Not any easier than running a vacuum line, really. And then you need to mount a switch in the glovebox to operate it, and get power from somewhere to feed the switch. I suggest keeping it original and putting the vacuum operated unit in.

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