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Tour Banners

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Does anyone know where the tour banners for the Glidden Tour and other national tours come from?

Any information on contacting the producer would be appreciated. (Note on all the tours we've ever done,

we've never had a problem with the banners damaging the paint)

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I have ordered banners twice for the 1999 AACA Vintage Tour and the 2009 AACA Vintage Tour. Both times I ordered from:

Christman Screenprint

2851 W Dickman Rd

Battle Creek, MI 49017

(269) 962-6274

Christman Screenprint

I believe they do most of the large tours. In 1999, the banners were done using the standard silk screen method. In 2009, I went the digital printing method. This allowed us to use our tour logo in color-see attached photo. They are excellent to work with.

The photo is the two banners that Howard & Judy Scotland displayed on their car. They attended both tours.



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I believe that is the same company we used for the 1991 Louisiana Founders Tour.

...and Dale and I were also on both of 24T42's 1999 and 2009 Vintage tours along with the Scotlands....we drove the '12 Oakland on the '99, and the '30 Packard on the '09

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