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Found this 74 Limited within 6 miles from home

Guest BJM

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Looking to replace some of my projects with running driving cars. Craigslist had this car 6 miles from home. There are cars everywhere, we just don't see them. This is a legitimate 39,000 mile 1974 Limited 4 door hardtop. It is a one family car, well equipped. Asking price is $1650.

Not perfect. The original owner had an accident wherein barb wire fencing scrapped the drivers door and 'maybe' the rear drivers side quarter. While straight, the body shop did a poor job of matching and the fence scrape still exists. No rust and no dents.

The interior is nice but there is fade on the carpet on the back of the seats and some to the seats. Trunk is nice. Has rare four note horns and 1st year for factory thermometer in the outside mirror. Still has window sticker, and it's a $7210 car new.

He said he has gotten a lot of calls and there is supposedly a serious buyer coming from southern Iowa on Monday.

Car does not run due to 24 year storage in the farm outbuilding you see in the photos. Very nice fellow, firm on price. I guess I would drop the tank, clean it out, and go from there - change fluids. Mulling it over. Sorry guys I love the boats. I am close to buying a 75 Limited also locally. But nothing yet.

Enjoy the photos.








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I went crazy in 2012 and added many cars. 2 1/2 are full on projects. I had planned on sending the Packard to a arestoration shop actually, but I recently took the cover off to take photos and I believe it's a glorified parts car. It's a 22nd series Custom 8 sedan. Packard in those days did not have model years. They only changed the series when there was a significant change. This is the infamous "bathtub" Packard but the Custom 8 was on the 126 inch wheelbase, while the Supers were on a 122" wheelbase.

The Custom 8 was the last hand built car until the 1956 Continental Mark II, which cost $10,000. This meant, as a senior Packard, it went down it's own assembly line on East Warren in Detroit. The engine in the Custom 8's was the Packard 356 Straight 8. 9 main bearings, effectively balanced and blueprinted at Packard's engine shop.

The seats have duck down in them and each seat spring is individually wrapped in burlap, a procedure shared only by Cadillac and Kaiser-Frazer at the time. Headliners took 3 craftsman several hours to install and carpets were wool.



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That's the kind of Packard I have been studying up on. Although I am leaning toward the '41-47 Super Clipper yours is a model I really like. 2012 appears to have been a big year for both of us. You went crazy and I had a stroke and a heart attack- with the complimentary double bypass. I think some brain damage occurred since I am not gravitated toward project cars as much as I used to be. So I saved your pictures in my Packard file with interest. Sometimes I buy a car just because I like the shape of it sitting in my garage no matter how big a project it is.

Thanks foe showing the car.


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