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rewooding moon roadster


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need some advise from someone who knows about rewooding these cars,i have a 27 moon roadster

all the wood needs replaced,i know ash is supposed to be the best but i hear that the wood platform and the area around the top of the body where the roadster top attaches should be oak,anyone know which is right,my woodworking skills are a little no alot rusty so i was going to do it first in some cheap pine then reproduce it in ash or oak,any ideas on finding inexpensive ash,ive shopped a little and its very expensive,thought if i did it first in pine id make less mistakes with the more expensive stuff,thanks again dave

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i want to thank everyone for there helpful knowledge regarding the wood repair project,i have and old table saw im going to be using, going to look at a do all band saw this weekend hopefully that will be the only big tools i have to buy,im going to start cleaning the sheetmetal this weekend and coating it with dp40,then the frame will come apart and get cleaned and primed so i can start the wood work and the body reassembly,does anyone know what to put between the wood and the body sheetmetal skin,ive heard friction tape,any ideas dave

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