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1933 Plymouth coupe and convertible coupe interior photos needed


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Would it be possible for some of you who have Plymouth Coupes or Convertible Coupes to post a few pictures of your interiors? In particular I need decent shots of how the rumble seat area, cushions, etc are upholstered. Also need views of your kick panels, door panels, back of seat, package tray and below package tray angles. While our convertible coupe body is at the paint shop I would like to begin planning how this interior will be done. Any help is appreciated. I am showing the interior of our passenger side rumble area. Yes it is a little rough but that won't last long. Thanks in advance. Chris post-86357-143141830633_thumb.jpg

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Hi Chris, I have the rumble seat complete out of my 33 coupe at the moment, what I don't have is any of the interior trim. My coupe was originally trimmed with leather to the seats this has since be reupholstered in leather cloth but I am hoping it will give you a point to start. The backrest follows the shape of the trunk lid on the backside. Give me a couple of days and I will post pics for you.

Regards Tom

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Photos as promised, sorry it took so long.


Photo 1 is of the back side of the Rumble seat back, note the 2 lugs at the top which slot into the slots on you trunk lid

Photo 2 front face of photo 1

Photo 3 Rumble seat cushion

Photo 4 Drivers bench seat back showing the steel frame

Photo 5 Drivers seat complete.

If you need more detail just ask.





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Tom, Thanks for the photos they are helpful indeed. If my memory serves me did not someone mention that Leather was standard equipment on all UK Plymouth PD cars? I like the color scheme on your avatar. Chris

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