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1941 Ford pick-up rear leaf spring question

Barry Wolk

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Someone added 3 full-length leaves to my front spring, which pretty much didn't allow for any movement. It rode like it had no suspension. It was missing an interim spring. I matched the length of the missing spring by cutting down one that had been added and returned the front suspension to it original capacity. With all new shackles and slippery tape the front suspension is now quiet and compliant.

I took the back spring apart and found that it had only 6 of the original 11 leaves. Every other one is missing, as evidenced by the marks left by the removed springs leaves.

I'm thinking this was done to accomplish a couple of things. With half the capacity removed I would think that the rear suspension became more car-like. I also think that they did it to adjust the height of the truck by about an inch.

There will never, ever, be anything carried in the bed of this, so I don't need the capacity. If I'm happy with the ride height should I be concerned about how many leaves are in the spring, knowing that it won't be used for hauling?


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