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First test drive for '30 model 45!

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Hi All,

I took the '30 out for a test drive today! First time moving on its own power since engine rebuild 3 years ago. Oil pressure 36 psi. Water temp 170. Generator charging. Engine runs smooth. Shifts great. Brakes are adjusted properly. I drove it about for about mile around the neigborhood.

This weekend (God willing) I will install the new exhaust and rebuilt shocks. I think then all the mechanical work is done! (Unless you count the gas tank and the windows as mechanical)

Thanks everyone for your willingness to share information and for your encouragement. Without you all, I would have given up.

Thanks again,


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Dwight: Be careful! Don't fall off that apple box. Glad to hear of your success! I did get all my lights on the 37 working again. Bad ground on the drivers side fender parking lamp. Still have many more contacts to clean. Baby steps.. Larry

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