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FS: 1924 McLaughlin Buick Touring on H.A.M.B.

Guest BJM

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Thanks all. I received a kind response from the seller. This is a 4 cyl car. I received a comprehensive photo set and the body and wood are OK. Missing the steering wheel, the carberator, but drivetrain is there otherwise.

This was a Reynolds Museum car.

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Buick : Other Nickel in Buick | eBay Motors

The seller offered this car to me for $2500, and I had an exclusive week to think about it before he put it on ebay. Since it is in California, and I am in Iowa, I felt I could get "more" car locally or closer.

Nonetheless, I believe his comments. His name was Joel and he is easy to speak with and understands the situation.

The car has mostly good wood REQUIRING NO WOOD RESTORATION. This car came from the famed Reynolds Alberta Museum stash of cars, most of which have been sold by now.

Anyway-for you west coasters who want an open car to do, I don't think you can go wrong with this one at $2500, which I suspect is his reserve.

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