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Clutch replacement

Guest 52dodge

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Guest 52dodge

So i finally got my 52 dodge on the road last week and took it for a spin,ran great,put 150 miles on it,only one issue,when in 3rd gear and accelerating heavy the clutch seems to slip,at first i thought this was just how the fluid drive was suppose to feel but i dont believe so.When at a stop i put it in 3rd let the clutch out with my foot on the brake and hit the gas and the motor seems to rev up.So now im facing putting a clutch in the old girl,i dont wanna pay a shop and wanna tackle this myself with a friend whos done a ton of modern car clutches.Is there any special tools needed to tackle this job?What else should i replace besides the clutch and pressure plate while im in there?Thanks add.pngdelete.png

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