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The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

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For the first time in a long time I actually felt good today.  I went out in the garage and cleaned off the workbench.  I put away tools that had been lying around for months.  The temperature in the afternoon was close to 80, so I painted my brake and clutch assembly.  Those patient enough to follow this thread may remember me doing that a few years ago.  I discovered some problems which I’ll discuss tomorrow (with pictures) and show how I resolved the situation.  Nice to be back working on the car!

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Awhile ago as I was bleeding my brakes I noticed a rather alarming side to side wobble in my brake pedal.  I "restored" this unit years ago and I fear I didn't do it correctly.  So out came the brake pedal/clutch pedal assembly to check things out.  I took everything apart and checked out everything.  Lots of parts, levers and pivots.








The bushing in the brake pedal was totally worn out so I replaced it.  The new bushing... 




The pedal still wobbled and the shaft was also the culprit.  There was severe wear to the shaft and I had my local machine shop make me a new one.  This shop is old school and can make almost anything.


Here is the old shaft.  Big time wear.




And the new shaft.




A quick comparison illustrates the problem.




I chipped a lot of paint taking things apart so I resprayed the parts.  Amazing how trash buckets come in handy.





Everything back together and ready to go.



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