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Wireless turn signals

Guest Shoe1932

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Guest Shoe1932

Hello all,

I wrote a post earlier this week in the Buick Pre-War section about finally having located some wireless turn signals. I have been dreading the idea of re-wiring our cars for turn signals. Before now, I had been looking on line for a wireless set of turn signals, but kept coming up with bike and motorcycle signals.

I found a website and spoke with the owner, John Peterson, and have ordered a set of his wireless signals. His company is called Smart Signals. His web site address is Antique, Classic Car and Truck Wireless, Removable, LED Turn Signals and Hazard Lights | Antique Car & Truck Removable, LED, turn signal, and hazard lights. His phone # is (800) 231-9685. He is an antique car guy who came up with a solution to a problem that has plagued me on both the '32 Buick and our '39 plymouth P-8.....no turn signals. I talked to him for 20 minutes (on Easter weekend no less) about his concept and how he is working with insurance companies to give us a break if we use his signals on our cars. His products are magnetic and are removable for shows and better yet, they can be transferred easily between each of your cars. There is no rewiring at all. His products are American made.

His company is one year old and it has apparently been a success. He has ordered another 1,000 units which are due in sometime in mid April. When I spoke to him 2 days ago, I was order # 559 in line. He said that this years model is has been improved to include a few features which last years model did not have. He told me that he would be personally calling each customer when the product came in.

From what I saw on the website and learned from him, I feel that this is the best fit for me. If you are blessed with a plethora o' cars in the garage it might be a good fit for you too. Our '39 Plymouth is HPOF and just got its original tab this year. I do not want to get too crazy with anything which will take away from what that car is when showing it (even if it is ok for safety reasons). These removable lights are just the answer. Pull up to the meet...quickly remove the magnetic lights and small switch....put the entire kit into the canvas bag it comes with and done.

John apologized that the photos on the website were not that great, but said that they are working on a photo shoot to get the new system on the website. I am excited about not having to do any wiring and also excited to drive with more confidence. I get very nervous when using arm signals. I am not sure many people driving these days are familiar with them.

I know........enough with the infomercial. Look into them and hope you make the list before # 1,000.

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