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E042 Error Issues


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Ok I replaced my ignition module and coil, I took the car for a drive and it studdered twice and the check engine light came on with the CRT stating that there were electrical engine control problems. I checked the diagnostic and it is giving me an e042. It has these same symptoms yesterday prior to the replacement of the coil and module. Any help you could provide would be appreciated!

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Most likely culprit is the 14 pin ICM connector. I always remove the sponge pad so that the pins can contact better. Also do not rely on the one screw to pull everything in properly, push firmly on each end to seat.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Yes, this code is indicative of a connection problem between the ICM and ECM. As Padgett suggests, look for a problem with the connector on the ICM, not seated properly, bent pin, damaged wires, etc. The particular wires in this situation are the white and tan/black wires in pins A and B one one end.

They communicated the spark timing signal to the ECM and the bypass signal back to the ICM to switch from open to closed loop.

Last fellow had to replace the connector with a used one. Had some trouble splicing the new one into the harness wires.

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