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Tues April 2 Last day to register for Gettysburg East/Nat'l Meet

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If you are thinking of going to the Eastern/Nat'l LZOC- GOF meet this year, Tues April 2,2013 is the last day to get the club rate at the meet hotel - Best Western Westminister, MD. Call in reservations for the $89.99 rate at 410-857-1900. Not sure what the rates go up to after April 2. This meet hotel looks to be about 40 minutes SouthEast of Gettysburg, where some Sunday activities are scheduled. Highly recommended for the enjoyment, the knowledge learned and the friends you will meet!! Our club website has a nice summary of all meet registration, hotel info, schedule of activities, ... under the lzoc.org CALENDER tab. Please pass along the notice to anyone you can and try to arrange to travel to the show with someone so we can meet more new faces and see new cars. You don't have to bring a car either to still thoroughly enjoy yourself! And the guys from the "big" Lincolns club are a great group as well- they have a joint meet with us, so you will see many other beautiful Lincolns from the 20's and 30's! Treat yourself this year, none of us are getting any younger, and there is the added treat of seeing many other antiques going down the Lincoln Highway 30, If Not Now, When?!?!

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Actually I didn't word the Thread title exactly correct. Yesterday was not the last day to register for the meet, it was the last day to get the club rate on the meet hotel - Westminister, Md Best Western (don't know if that deadline still holds - haven't checked). Actually the last day to register for the meet is stated as April 15th when they would like to lock in the meal counts, etc. Paul

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