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1930 1940 Riley racing carbs! Pair. Not Winfield Offy Offenhauser. see photos

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Up for sale is a matched pair of super rare Riley side draft racing carbs. Serial # 73 and #74! The $1,895.00 price is for BOTH carburetors .These were acquired from a old vintage racer years ago. Use on model A,B, and V8 Fords. Both are complete and look as close to perfect as can be. I have opened the floats and both are complete. The inside opening facing the intake manifold is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The 4 bolt pattern is 1 5/8 inches both ways, from center of hole to center of hole. On the outer side of the carb, the throat opening outside diameter is 1 15/16 inches. These were hand built in small quantities in George Rileys shop, only in part of the 1930s and 1940s. I have only seen one other single of these ever in my travels. I will not separate these. However, I do have a third Riley carb in exactly the same size and condition as these 2. The bowl is placed at a slightly different angle/configuration than these 2. But if you need 3 carbs for your vehicle, this 3rd one will work perfect. However due to the bowl placement, it will have to be placed on one of the ends, rather than in the middle. The buyer will have the option to buy this 3rd carb at half of the price he paid for the pair. Very little advertising was done for these carbs when made. Below is what Charlie Yapp, Editor of Secrets Of Speed Magazine, wrote me concerning the carbs:

"Hi George: They were made by George Riley (one man shop) from about 1936 to 1947 (+ -). They were designed for racing and do not have an idle circuit. He made them to replace Winfields and were simpler to use. All were side draft. Two sizes: 2" and 1-1/2". Each were highly modifiable and I believe most parts (jets) were from Stromberg 97s. The floats were custom made and very hard to find today. All this info is in the book George Riley Racing Scrapbook by Dan Landola that is occasionally for sale on ebay new by a book seller. Not up today . I just checked. Patterns exist. Don't have any ads. Charlie".

Buyer pays $25.00 for USA shipment. Actual shipping costs overseas. You will probably NEVER get this opportunity again, if you collect old antique vintage sprint car midget racer racing race, Hillegass, Dreyer, Harry A Miller Duesenberg Indy Indianapolis 500 stuff. We accept all forms of payment.Check preferred. George Albright, Ocala, Fla. gnalbright@gmail.com 3 5 2 8 4 3 1 6 2 4







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