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1928 Kissel 6-55 Speedster


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In recent months I have put several requests for help with information and parts on the Forum. It occurred to me that some of the readers of the forum might be interested in seeing the project I am putting together. I have included a photo taken in Sydney, Australia in the early 1960s. The man in the photo was the owner of this 1928 Kissel Model 6-55 Speedster (Gold Bug) from 1931 through to his passing not long after this photo was taken. The Kissel was purchased from the estate by a family friend and I purchased it from this gentleman five years ago. Unfortunately it was not in the condition you see in the 1960s photo. This car is the only known 1928 Kissel Model 6-55 to survive. For those of you who know Kissels, you will notice the non- original front bumper.

This car is one of five factory RHD cars known to exist. All five of these cars were originally sold in Australia. Three of the five RHD vehicles are speedsters. (1924 Deluxe 6-55, 1927 Standard 6-55 and this 1928 Deluxe 6-55).




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