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Wrecked Reatta: Looking for Front End Parts or Good Home

Guest dakree

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Guest dakree

Tragically, I recently hydroplaned/locked the brakes on my Reatta a few weeks ago, running it into a brick wall outside my neighborhood (perfect placement, eh?). It still runs and drives, and it does not pull when it is being driven. However, the front end is fairly mangled and the frame looks to have bent some. I am at sort of an impasse with it now: fixing it (according to my body guy) will cost ~2k plus parts (unless there is no painting, in which case that can be cut by a little more than half). It will need a front bumper, passenger side fender, air dam, passenger side headlight assy., and possibly a hood. It will likely need some small parts too that I haven't noticed/taken into account. A decision needs to be made, and if I can't find someone local for parts I don't see shipping them being economical enough to justify. I don't have any intention of scrapping the car, and if I can't fix it/have it fix I would like for it to go to an enthusiast. If anyone has the parts and can quote me a price, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, if anyone would like to make me an offer, I will entertain it. Any offer, but I reserve right of refusal.:)

Prior to the accident, the car was my daily driver. It has over 140k miles on it, though I can't remember how many exactly. It ran fine, but it did have a few issues. The dash worked most of the time, but occasionally would show the dreaded "00 Error" dead screen. Also, there were occasional starting problems which would require a very light feathering of the throttle when turning the key. In the past two years, I installed: new tires, new starter, new plugs and wires, new air filter, new water pump, new fuel filter, new trans filter. All the fluids have been changed at least once, and the oil has been changed every 3k miles with a new filter (it is due for another change now). The interior is pretty good, but the stitching is starting to pull apart on the seats and the headliner is starting to split in a couple of places. There is also a bad stain on the passenger side compartment door from where a tube of silicone adhesive burst in the heat.






I will upload some pictures of the interior when I can take them.


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Guest dakree

After having let this ad lapse, and after several local sales falling through, this Reatta is still available. I am moving across the country in a couple of months, and it will have to be gone by then. I am no longer interested in repairing the car, but would still prefer selling it to an enthusiast rather than scrapping it. If anyone is interested in it, shoot me an offer!

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