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1955 buick roadmaster-interior heater

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good evening folks;

i have a 1955 buick roadmaster, 322 naihead. the heater is located under the drivers seat.

my mechanic thinks that the motor under the seat has seized.He check the connections,resistor etc

but still thinks the motor would need reconditioning. this would entail taking out the front seat,which would leave a hole in the floor,but i really dont wont to go thru all this work and mess to fix,the interior is in beautiful shape

can anyone suggest an laternative fix. is there any type of heater which could be wired to fuse box,say under the dash ?? any other suggestions ??

thanks for you help

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don't know where you're located J.W. it may be much colder there. here in oklahoma, opening the auxilary heater door on the defroster provides adequate heat in our winter temps. without the main heater.


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Really not that big a deal to remove the front seat. A few screws, a couple of circlips and four bolts. Two guys and 30 minutes tops. Often the motor is just gummy from age and lack of use.

Fix it and you will have the satisfaction of "restoring" part of your car along with warm feet. Of course if the seat bolts are rusted fast you will twist them off and have a little more "restoration" fun.................Bob

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