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1953 Super Front Parking/Turn Signal problem


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got a bit of a strange pickle. I hooked up the front parking/turn signal sockets and when I flip the turn signal, they both blink at the same time. It doesn't matter if I turn right or left. even stranger they both glow very very dim. and it's only the smaller filament. Bulbs are brand new and the rear tail lights work perfect. Any ideas? I will say that I replaced the sockets with new aftermarket ones. Hears another conundrum, last night before I hardwired the connection, I had the driver's side out on the fender and was testing it with alligator clips/wires and it worked perfect. The fuse in the panel is new and not blown. slightly frustrating.

so any ideas? could it be a grounding issue? electrical isn't my forte, but I did rewire the whole damn car and everything else works stinking flawless.

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Based on your post, I assume that when you say that both blink at the same time you mean both left and right blink at the same time. If they are both dim, then I suspect that the parking light wire at each socket has been switched with the turn signal wire. Try reversing the wires at each socket. Also, run a jumper from each socket base to a good ground as a precaution.

Joe, BCA 33493

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ah! Thank you Joe and Oldtank. Got 'em working! It indeed was a grounding issue. The aftermarket sockets have 3 wires - 2 black and 1 white which is for ground. I didn't have the white wire grounded as I assumed the socket would be grounded once installed in the fender (like the originals) but alas that is not the case. So I just attached the white wire to one of the screws holding the vent cage (filter?) in the inner fender and they work like a charm.

When I was bench testing I knew the socket wouldn't be grounded so I grounded the white wire and that's why it worked like a charm before I installed it. a really dumb mistake on my part for not thinking of this. Thanks ya'll!

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