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Dont ya just love a learning curve

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Well the question of a low mileage 1942 Ford has been answered I believe. When roling it around the shop a few days ago I heard a clunking sound from the driveline. The sound was the one you hear when a U-joint is going bad. I have never worked on a closed driveshaft before, so a good deal of studying happened before I decided this was something I could handle. I decided it would be easier for me to raise the car and unbolt the whole axle/spring assembly then roll it our from under the car. This method worked really well. Once this was out I unbolted the U-joint from the transmission and as I was taking it off, parts fell off. Not thinking ahead I ordered a new joint and proceeded the next couple nights to scrape and wash the axle assembly. Here's where that learning curve hit me. While cleaning and inspecting the drive tube, I decided to remove the speedo gear assembly just to see what it looked like. Turns out, it's not all there, and what is is all messed up. Now I get to order the speedo drive gear and try to locate the driven assembly. Because of not looking at everything before ordering parts, I have to keep it apart another several days waiting for the drive gear. The U-joint showed up today, and since it bolts to the tranny I went ahead and put it on. With it in placeI spun the output shaft of the transmission and learned I have bearing worn. Luckily it wont be going on any real road trips before I have a chance to pull the motor and trans and rebuild them. Because the U-joint was falling apart and the trans shaft bearing worn, I seriously doubt this is a low mileage car. Even so, I still like it a lot and am looking forward to some local shows it will be going to. Here's a link to a youtbe video just in case you want to see it.

1942 Ford Fordor walk around - YouTube

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Guest Art Anderson

Question: Is this an early "blackout" car? I ask, because the grille and its surround are painted black, while the body side trim appears to still be stainless steel.


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It's not blacked out. The grille is just that rusty. The grill surround is painted black which was also the cars color. I have now started to disassemblethe car to get it ready for paint. I was originaly just going to spray clear over it, but decided that it should go ahead and get painted.

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