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1926 Cadillac 314 Cylinder Head

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Need a reworkable cylinder head for 1926 Cadillac 314 CI V8. I think the R and L are the same, but if not, we need a left. Any info on similarity with other years welcome. Leads appreciated too.

Thanks in advance for your help



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I have four Cadillac heads in good condition. Send me your email address & I'll take photos for you. I think that they are late 1920's. Regards, Hank

Schererville, Indiana

oldcars1959 at gmail dot com

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Of course, left and right are different because the water return to the radiator is top front on each. To use the wrong side head you would have to bore another hole in the other end, and blank off the original one with a plate and gasket. It is the sort of thing you might do so you could drive home.

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