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1947 Roadmaster linkage assembly for carb and other odds and ends

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I am looking for a complete linkage assembly from the accelerator pedal bracketry on the firewall to the carb on my Convertible. I am also needing the linkage for disengaging the clutch from the pivot to the throw-out fork. A nice battery tray would also be great. Thanks in advance for the help or if anyone knows of a salvage yard with a complete Roadmaster from 46-48 it would be great. Matt

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The accelerator linkage you need will have to come from a '46 or '47. I have a complete linkage from a '48 that I was going to send you until I checked my parts book. It seems that the entire linkage was changed for 1948 when Buick revised the engine mountings. The linkage I have is in great condition but, unfortunately, it won't do you any good. Hope this helps you find the parts you need.

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