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1916 Studebaker Touring Car

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Not sure, but in the next few months I might have an opportunity to purchase at a reasonable price a 1926 Studebaker 7 passenger Touring car. It appears to be all there, but needs a total restoration. No major body cancer to speak of, a few areas on some splash aprons, but that is about it. What difficulties will I have obtaining parts. Is the engine difficult to work on. I kind of want everyone's thoughts on this.

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You did not indicate whether a Six or Four. They made both. Also check serial number as there was a 1916 Series 16 and a 1916 Series 17. In any event a nearly 100 year old car will be difficult to find parts for...but there is a very active Antique Studebaker Club with lots of people who own cars of this vintage.

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