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1941 Lincoln license plate light lens


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After 15 years of owning my car and mostly lurking on this forum, it is time to send my 41 Zephyr club coupe to the shop for assembly. The body is already painted and has lots of work done, but it is too much for my skills to turn this pile of parts into a running car. Putting them back together is way harder than taking them apart...

My question for today: I have three license plate light lenses. Two of them have an "orange peel" finish on the inside surface of the lens, and one has a smooth finish on the inside surface of the lens. Just sitting on my table, they fit and look the same, but with a light behind them there could be a difference. The smooth back one looks and fits too good to be a reproduction. Plus, it's glass not plastic and has rust stains on it, so it is definitely old.

One of these three was original equipment on this early production 41, but I don't know which one.

Have any 41 owners noticed these two different lenses? What is on your car?

Thanks for your help,

John Walker

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Thanks for the input, everybody I have talked to has the orange peel variety. This oddball one is too perfect a fit to be for a different car, maybe another vendor somewhere along the way made it. Back into the spares box it goes...

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