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What is it no.8

Leif Holmberg

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Agree on the Scania Vabis Charabanc. Has the Scania shape round rad, the small inspection plate in the bonnet, deep round tray under engine, and chain drive. Also has electric lighting, so am guessing photo much later, as indeed the clothes fashions. Well into the 1920s? Interesting pneumatic tyres front and solids back. Scania and Vabis merged in 1911. Vabis lorries had a conventional 'square' radiator. Have photos of 1915 Scania with very thin solids. Regards Vintman

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Thanks Vintman.Maybe the rounded radiator was used later than 1920 but not longer than 1925 on the pictures I have seen.The phneumatic tyres looks a little bit confusing together with the solids rear "tyres".

Have a nice Easter all of you.

Leif in Sweden.

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