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1930's Chevrolet Trunks, Who supplied them?


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I have an Outside Trunk, with Chevrolet decal on the inside.

The lock is missing, it is about 38" wide

I don't have a pic right now, but will get one.

It has ribs on the top, about 6 " in from the edge, that run from front to back.

My question: Who supplied the trunks for Chevrolet? I will try to match it from there.

Thanks in Advance for the info.

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The estate that I got it from said it came with their father's Chevrolet, but I can't determine the year. The decal in side looks original, and say's Chevrolet.

I just found, tonight a pic of one on a 1933; mine definitely bolted to a rack at the bottom, so I think the mounting is different there.


I don't know anything about that 1933 car. But the box looks the same. But I am not certain on this.

I'm leaning toward, POTTER as the manufacturer, any thoughts on that?

That sounds a little large for a 1930 Chevy. My 31 Trunk Rack is only abour 34"
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I added information/pictures of ther latch and the decal, from inside of the trunk. I put two photos in my member gallery; under, intimeold. The decal clearly states Chevrolet; but I can't determine what year.

WireWlheel, Was kind enough to respond, about his 1930 Chevrolet. I got the feeling from the estate, of the orignal owner, that it may be later.


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