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Locomobile carb


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Hi Mike, try Rand Bradstreet he is an early carb expert. He is listed in the CCCA directory in Ohio. DJ told me you pruchased the car, I am familiar where it came from. Did you get a starter yet? Ed Minnie.

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I am wondering if any one knows the correct carb for a 1914 model 38 Locomobile?

thanks- Mike

My 1914 Locomobile literature says this about "1914 Right Drive Cars -- Carburetor -- Locomobile design and construction, float feed, single jet type. Control of mixture on steering column."

I can scan some photos from the booklet and send them to you if you will send me an email address.

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The only informaion I have on Locomobile that early agrees with that posted by JRBartlett.

It is possible some other company produced them for Locomobile. This was fairly common with some of the early cars. I do show some later models (notably the model 48) where some sources state Locomobile, others state Penberthy.


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