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Identify an auto lite distributor

Guest dserars

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Guest dserars

Can any one help me identify what year make and model used an auto lite 1 GM 4110 4M distributoer ? It's a V 12


don sears dsears

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Well, if you want a coincidence ??? my little Shurhit catalog shows Cadillac 1932-33 V12 with DR 4092 and 4110 distributors...

My 46 Motor does list AL 1GM 4002/4003 distributors but no usage list, so the number looks valid...

Are you sure it's a 12 and not a dual ign for a higher-output 6?? Some 6cyl Hercs in White trucks used AL 1 GW 4110A and C..

Sorry I couldn't be of any real help...

(Sigh) I can just see someone tweeting: Al, I've got 1 GM 4110 distributor...(Sorry; couldn't resist!)...

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