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Driver side window replacement 89 tc

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Hello euthusiasts,

New to the site so I'm here to introduce myself. I have a burgandy wine 1989 tc. Been reading through the forum for information and inturn has got my tc up and running. This site is so valuable.

one of the major problems is the driver side window. there is no window. im looking for a replacement but all the glass shops around seattle says there is no stock of this item. Allstar glass is trying to locate one in new mexico but its the lebaron coupe window. will this work? anyone know where i can locate a window and get it shipped?

looking forward for replies.



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reading back at the post i guess i really didnt specify which glass. im looking for the door glass. this is for the driver side door window correct? not the port hole. im willing to buy, whats the cost and shipping for glass like?

door glass, i need your address. the shipping isnt much, no where near what NEW or replacement will cost you , i dont need it. i have to check my shed make sure its still in there.

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just wanted to give an update on this thread.

so i need a second car and decided that it was time to reserrect(sp?) the masarati. its been a good 2 and half years under a car cover. i knew there was alot of work to get her going to her full glory. one thing was the driver side glass. this will be the third time i needed to replace the driver side glass. it was always wobbly and not stopping as it should when rolled up. the second time started when my dad decided the window need to be raised higher because of the water leakage. everyone knows about that. but my dad tried pushing the window past its limit a crash soon followed.


i took it to all star glass and they wanted 500 dollars to try to interstate a lebaron glass from florida that might fit. i said no thanks.

went searching on the internet and i found this awesome site.

Larry at tcparts is an exceptionally awesome guy. so i get this in my mail after a couple days


ive never did this before so it took me a while to see how to open this baby.


vacuumed out some glass and went to grab the 3 circular pieces that hold the glass.


so now i went to the glass, great packaging by the way and to my blunder the three pieces were already on the glass. Thanks Larry!


so i got to get the glass in and was still getting the wobbly effect. so i kept taking out the glass and putting in the glass and couldnt understand it. then i decided to take out all the pieces out the track, the rod and a special foam piece. i saw the track was bent on both ends so i straighted it out and hammered them more in to stop the motor.


so i put everything back together and it did help stop the motor but something else was still missing. so i took it all apart yet again. then without noticing when putting everything back together i accidently put the foam piece above the guided rod.


as you can see from the tip of my flathead screwdriver is that foam piece. it actually helps stop the motor from over raising. im glad my dumb luck paid off. im sure i would of gotten it done sooner if i would posted back here but it was a nice day working on the car.


thanks for everyone for helping me on this endeavor. now on to the next disaster. the passenger seat controls not working.




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