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1932 Guide vs Reflex


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1932 Olds tail lights<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->I have ran into an interesting delema.

I have restored a 32 Olds that came with the original taillights. They are stamped with REFLEX on the top side of the bucket.

I have another pair that I bought as 32 Olds that are stamped Guide R-13.

They are identical in appearance and lens except the drain holes are opposite because of the Olds having a over the light mounted license plate.

The Guide R-13 have been identified as original on a 42 Chev wagon or panel. Both lights apparently are faily rare and expensive.

Does anyone know the distinction between Guide and RELEX branding or is Reflex a logo used on some Guide lights.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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Guide was usually what was on the car. You can orient the drain hole in the correct position by swapping the angle pieces that hold the tail light lens and ring by putting the left one on the right and the right one on the left. They have a slight angle to them and that will change their position. if the tail light lens doesn't end up in the right position you have to remove the chrom ring and rotate it 180 degrees. There were a couple of cars that used that light and also 2 manufactures. Also the driverside light has a large outlook glass for the license plate.


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