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Question on 1928 Missing Part...or not?


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Hey Dodge Fans,

I throw myself at someone's better experience- I bought a 1928 Dodge Vic 6 Sedan and am working on making new running boards, I noticed something odd on both sides of my car. I may be missing the splash aprons, if indeed this year came with some? Can someone tell me if my '28 140 model had aprons below the doors and above the running boards? See pic of car attached.post-76327-143141813614_thumb.jpg


Jim Chocole

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Somehow my previous post does not appear but no aprons on Victory or DA and I am sure others but without looking it up I am not sure which. BTW Victories were designated 130/131 series, 140 as you mentioned above is a Standard six model.

I cannot put my finger on it right now but something looks out of place with that round protrusion on the side of the frame area, what might that be? I do not recognize that on any Victory frame photos I have.

I was not aware but did find it interesting after reading that Victory used wooden running boards originally but changed to steel March 19 at M 30729

Again I like the color on that car, do you have the hood ect, what are your plans with it?

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ROMAR sells repop running boards. They are high quality even if a little pricey. Do you have the four metal brackets (2 per side)? If not, I might have a couple from a rough parts car I have.

I am also restoring a 29 Victory 6. Obtaining parts for these monsters is a real challenge. Hang in there, the car will run great once you get it going.


(I just posted myself yesterday as the Son of a Son of a Hoarder, so lemme know if something from my hoard can help you)

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